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Ballpoint Universe: Infinite
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266 comentário(s)
naterobemadd 1/jul/2014 às 13:58 
что выглядит невероятным
Badumeister 13/mai/2014 às 16:11 
Please send me a key :D
Badumeister 13/mai/2014 às 16:10 
Good game!
Marky_Mark 7/jan/2014 às 23:19 
maybe. a bit like defender
sergioreynel 17/nov/2013 às 18:42 
Hi if your looking for a site to download all pc related things go here: if you create an account if you could please put my username inside the referrer box: my user name is sergioreynel
zombi3kitten 10/nov/2013 às 13:12 
This reminds me of my favorite GBA game Iridion 2.
Azrael 29/out/2013 às 12:17 
emperortung 28/out/2013 às 16:15 
Definitely want!
DragonK 25/out/2013 às 2:46 
Visually appealing for sure but gameplay needs a little something extra it make really pop I feel. It's a yes however.
katukinabarra 21/out/2013 às 7:27 
not my type of shooter but deserves a try, upvoted, carry on like that!!!
Gabriel 20/out/2013 às 15:14 
Not my type of game, but I really dig the art style and amount of effort put into it. Voted up for others to enjoy.
Lokrinor 15/out/2013 às 9:58 
seems really good
matthewjestes1 28/set/2013 às 8:54 
Looks amazing! I love ballpoint pen art...
PisceZ S2 AquariuZ 20/set/2013 às 19:46 
nice game and music.
Lard Flitry McBittershits III 20/ago/2013 às 11:48 
Ok ,I deleted the 'bp." on the demo link and it worked. Othewise, the link is dead.
Thanks for the demo and GL on the greenlight.
lotzi 17/ago/2013 às 5:41 
beautiful gfx, soundtrack adds to the atmo.
that's a yes
S T 1 M O R O L 17/ago/2013 às 3:19 
good game
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 14/ago/2013 às 22:53 
That art! definitely a favourite, upvoted and hope it comes to Steam! Seriously, looks lovely
"Bob" the Space Cadet 8/ago/2013 às 20:05 
STYLISH! Don't change the art at all - it's awesome just as it is!
Golden Boy 24/jul/2013 às 23:51 
creative design, but solid colours? i think maybe author need add more colours in game? don't you?
SPsSsSsSs... 24/jul/2013 às 9:30 
good game boy
J!nn3,Q- 23/jul/2013 às 15:45 
Pihro 23/jul/2013 às 12:45 
Love the art style! Would like to know more about gameplay elements though..
alexandrixm 22/jul/2013 às 8:26 
Был бы кооператив на двоих на одном экране - я бы подумал
flüssig 19/jul/2013 às 8:12 
looks great!
Daddy 18/jul/2013 às 5:55 
Woah it looks amazing O:
Alien Abortion Machine 16/jul/2013 às 6:24 
Very excited. Looks like itll be a fun mix of platforming and fast-paced shooting with a decent level of RPG-type ideas. I might be wrong about something, but I still look forward to seeing it on steam, and will definitely consider buying it.
Jabba McBo 15/jul/2013 às 15:34 
Great style. Love it, although it's a bit too fast for me.
NAldr 11/jul/2013 às 22:58 
It's nice and unusual but imho fighting speed is too high.
WhendeeBare 11/jul/2013 às 6:52 
Want! Will tell my friends to vote as well xP
GAVade™ 30/jun/2013 às 8:06 
Absolutely love the art stylings, my sort of game!
Jonathan Sanderson 28/jun/2013 às 11:05 
Pretty cool concept.
Frikinik 27/jun/2013 às 5:53 
It looks so unique!
Evolto 25/jun/2013 às 14:50 
Great Game!
Messofanego 25/jun/2013 às 3:35 
Wow, this looks incredible!
aslkefjdf 24/jun/2013 às 16:48 
ilBiondo 12/jun/2013 às 6:33 
i really like the artwork style!
92nami 5/jun/2013 às 12:53 
needs more support :<
KingOfSoup 2/jun/2013 às 11:50 
✪ t1oN 25/mai/2013 às 6:59 
Geleiras 22/mai/2013 às 16:49 
Nordics 22/mai/2013 às 9:18 
Artwork looks great! I would give it a go!
Player Uno 22/mai/2013 às 5:39 
Here are my first impressions of Ballpoint Universe:
MrCoreus 21/mai/2013 às 3:16 
It's a really nice game in my opinion..
Nein 17/mai/2013 às 11:48 
this looks like a nightmare to me, but one i would like to have^^ it reminds me a little of madoka
Roborogue 14/mai/2013 às 13:50 
The gameplay is great. I've been playing the Alpha, and I love how your choice of weapons shape the way you play. Great action game. I think in the demo you can move around an owl with a shield wall, and if you do, you die? That ought to be fixed.

Fantastic game, classic sidescrolling shooter action, but brand new. The narrative is good fun and i love the backgrounds and tactical hints that goes on there. Plus, it is beautiful.

Getting gold sketches when doing a level perfectly is a bummer, but the rewards are really frequent enough.
Biggs Darklighter 3/mai/2013 às 20:01 
I like the art. The gameplay leaves something to be desired.
Bugs I found within two minutes of gameplay:
If you jump into a ceiling you recover your jump
If you move around an enemy that you are supposed to shoot down in the spaceship section you cannot leave the spaceship section.
yamsterenDK 29/abr/2013 às 4:02 
Unique art style and proof that theres more to be had from the sidescroller, im a fellow doodler and my doodles are looking at me like "why are we not in a game hmmm?"
Princess Dajve <3 28/abr/2013 às 16:58 
I don't normally go for action games, but the graphics here are too awesome to miss.
Syukakuju 26/abr/2013 às 12:14 
I love the graphics! if the game is not too expensive i'll buy it as soon as release.