Halloween Unusual Effect: Eerie Flames!
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Snapp3r 17 jul 2014 om 11:11vm 
I can't believe this wasn't released as an effect for any of the past Halloween events. I need this.
Sentinel 5 mei 2014 om 4:36nm 
This has been my dream effect for quite a while... Valve i am disappoint

Seriously though, it would look badass
Butar ♥ 13 jul 2013 om 1:02nm 
Dracoverse ☆⌒ 9 mei 2013 om 4:43nm 
Where did you get the program to make this unusual?
Dat Jane Doe 23 jan 2013 om 8:22nm 
I think valve should start taking unusual effect ideas, I already want to suggest making less visible effects such as nuts & bolts more vibrant
{BBG} Joey  [auteur] 5 okt 2012 om 6:41nm 
Ok, so 100+ ratings later and being on the second page of most popular for the week, it says its incompatible. Just because it's not a .obj or .tga, doesn't mean it's incompatible! Of course it won't be those file types, it's a PARTICLE effect, not a MATERIAL, so it's a .pcf file! Ughhhh ;_;
{BBG} Joey  [auteur] 4 okt 2012 om 10:05nm 
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!
Headsnipe 4 okt 2012 om 8:18nm 
Dream unusual hat right there.
Shadows 4 okt 2012 om 8:15nm 
Щ4ИҲ [DesA] 4 okt 2012 om 7:12nm 
Venny 4 okt 2012 om 4:09nm 
if this doesn't get in i will walk to east bumblefuck and tell valve to put it in
Doctor Trashcan 4 okt 2012 om 2:17nm 
stipo360 4 okt 2012 om 1:35nm 
MAKE THIS REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MauriceB 4 okt 2012 om 11:10vm 
They should add this to the Demoman beard! ^^
↑Secret Gamma↓ 4 okt 2012 om 10:23vm 
holmen 4 okt 2012 om 9:46vm 
TenTonHammer 4 okt 2012 om 8:29vm 
DOMINIC TORRETO 4 okt 2012 om 4:20vm 
Really good
The Mangle 3 okt 2012 om 7:53nm 
Yes! Just because the Eerie Orbiting Fire was nothing but a little piece of flaming shit going around a HAT!
Fox_Brod 3 okt 2012 om 4:44nm 
most recent post! :D
Orangeantlers 3 okt 2012 om 3:49nm 
Looks very nice. I would love this effect on a bubble pipe :P
Queen Isla 3 okt 2012 om 2:07nm 
that would be a very awesome effect
MikeMaster312 3 okt 2012 om 2:05nm 
*Sees Effects on TC*....."and here is my house deed! Is that enough?"
Metal Rain 3 okt 2012 om 8:30vm 
i don't want another awesome effect that i will never be able to afford
Schnabel 3 okt 2012 om 5:48vm 
The picture is don very well,,
PARTYHARD 3 okt 2012 om 5:19vm 
it's very cool effect!
Chuggle 3 okt 2012 om 5:12vm 
{BBG} Joey  [auteur] 3 okt 2012 om 2:49vm 
{BBG} Joey  [auteur] 3 okt 2012 om 12:13vm 
Thanks guys :D
You aint zyzz baby 2 okt 2012 om 11:47nm 
POTATO 2 okt 2012 om 10:37nm 
Good !!!
Dangeroussnail 2 okt 2012 om 9:45nm 
very nice :DDDD
{BBG} Joey  [auteur] 2 okt 2012 om 9:35nm 
Whatchu talking about sunbeams? :P
Goldgalaxy 2 okt 2012 om 8:13vm 
bitch please...