Places: Laintar Dale
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AllShreks júl. 19. @ de. 9:06 
I wish you could buy the mansion or there were more houses...
pollock.jackson márc. 20. @ de. 1:08 
I really want to try this, but it just won't download...
SUPER_KING febr. 21. @ du. 9:25 
@volcanohotsauce you either have the wrong version or both versions installed.
loading.... febr. 5. @ du. 1:24 
SUPER_KING febr. 3. @ de. 12:21 
@volcanohotsauce youre using the wrong version
Pony With A Hat jan. 10. @ du. 1:39 
Y'all mutha fu.ckas ever heard of the cloud district? Y'all should visit some time
=VolcanoHotSauce= jan. 9. @ du. 8:03 
Yeah, this places mod crash me as soon as i get near to the places, i'd love to use this mod :(
Cheesy Weesy 2013. dec. 22. @ du. 12:59 
Bethesda, always getting ahead of themselves :D
Cool mod.
rking23 2013. dec. 10. @ de. 10:13 
First of all, I appreciate the time and effort poeple like yourself, Thirteen, go to to make these additions to this game. I have no programming skills, but can still appreciate the quality of your mods and what they add to the experience of this game.

Next, to all those who complain or find fault: really? Walk a mile in the shoes of the people who make these mods - time, effort, patience, learning - all of these qualities and more are needed to make these free additions to the game. I am very grateful for other people's efforts.
Aleksei Raukov 2013. dec. 8. @ de. 6:53 
Seems nice lorefriendly mod! Also fuck Nexus that place has been really gone down from old days. With rating system removed, all critism forbidden and people banned with ridicolous reasons. Also seems like Nexus almost endorses anime crap these days.
Chuckles 2013. nov. 4. @ de. 10:07 
Is this mod compatible with True Skyrim and other mods that change foliage and such in the wilderness?
D-Halb 2013. okt. 19. @ du. 3:56 
The Hearthfire Edition is either hidden or we don't have access to it. Would love to have this, but have no intentions to turning off Hearthfire for this.
arualmirror 2013. okt. 18. @ de. 10:39 
because I can't access the Hearthfire edition?
Pow Pow (Nicole's sex robot) 2013. okt. 11. @ du. 3:28 
boy...i have about 500+ mods to update when i get my computer back...well worth it in the end.
dave-huston 2013. okt. 6. @ du. 9:22 
Yeah, I am not able to get to the hearthfire edition.
SolarMercury 2013. szept. 24. @ du. 9:19 
I cant access the Hearthfire edition.
copakindred 2013. szept. 20. @ de. 11:37 
I may in fact have had this version installed form -before- I got Hearthfire, which would make lots of sense! Going to pick up the HF version and see if that one works too.
ThirteenOranges  [készítő] 2013. szept. 20. @ de. 11:03 
copakindred: there is a separate version for use with Hearthfire. Please read the full description before posting in future.
Jack Beau 2013. szept. 10. @ de. 6:17 
The second floor to the house, not the manor is inacessable. There is a support beam that is too low so races slightly taller can't go the second floor, also I can't do the quests either just get basic dialogue and I can't even talk to anyone in the houses they tell me to leave and attack if I don't.
joebeaupre27 2013. aug. 14. @ de. 6:13 
is it compatible with dragonborn?
slappedyak 2013. aug. 6. @ de. 6:35 
sorry if I'm being a bit dense, but I am just a little confused by the description :) I think I've managed to get these mods working now, I just had a question about the npcs; is the fact that they have no dialogue options with me a bug? or is the only person you can "talk" to the orc smithy to buy and sell?
scorpion745 2013. aug. 1. @ du. 7:20 
Hello! Great mod and all, very realistic scenary, though, I have a question. How do I start the quests. The only dialogue that I can enter is the buy/sell menu with the smithy. Thanks!
Mathias H 2013. júl. 9. @ de. 6:37 
Vladislaus there is an heartfire editon that oranges made look in his workshop articles :D
Vladislaus 2013. júl. 8. @ de. 11:14 
Is this Compatible with hearthfire
Headbanger 2013. jún. 18. @ du. 9:55 
i like it, tho a small problem i found is that one of the beams in olvands house stops you from going up the ladder. otherwise great mod just like your oakwood one havent checked out your other ones yet =)
Interrogator-Chaplain Wraith 2013. jún. 15. @ de. 6:35 
Could you make some of the NPCs followers, It would be useful.
SirFindley3L1T3 2013. jún. 6. @ de. 12:27 
I bought the freakin game just because of this mod lol.
Hurgablurg 2013. máj. 18. @ de. 1:10 
@ThirteenOranges The location appears to be very close to the DLC location of Hjelarchen hall. maybe evn right on top, if yopu have the dlc, could you check that the two do not overlap? Thanks
Drakulus23 2013. ápr. 30. @ du. 3:26 
@SirFindley: I agree with ThirteenOranges. If you want to enjoy these mods buy the game and stop trying ot get everything for free. I can't wait to try this one out XD
ThirteenOranges  [készítő] 2013. ápr. 28. @ de. 8:25 
@SirFindley: Every PC version of Skyrim requires Steam. If you "didn't buy it" on Steam, you've got a pirated copy. I'm not going to endorse you playing the game without giving the devs their due, and I'm certainly not going to help you get any more out of it.
Mr. Rogers 2013. ápr. 16. @ du. 9:59 
I love these! Your towns are modest in size but wonderful in character! I wouldn't mind to have a couple dozen scattered across my Skyrim...... (No pressure ;D).... But seriously, great work! Keep it up!
Smokinggun 2013. ápr. 11. @ du. 6:34 
There's a small issue with Olfand and Margarete's house. There's a wooden beam that prevents you from walking up the stairs to the loft.
Ardenstrom 2013. ápr. 11. @ de. 2:07 
Great work, nice attention to detail, thank you!

One problem though... Yeah, so when I get to Laintar Dale there is noone there. No NPCs, they are just gone. What do you think is the problem?
I use the Hearthfire edition
sif10sand 2013. márc. 30. @ de. 4:44 
Awesome Job! Please keep up the great work!
Kristoffer 2013. márc. 28. @ de. 2:49 
I'm not sure if I can use this mod, since I'm already using quite a few, but keep up the good work nonetheless!
Dyendil 2013. márc. 12. @ de. 11:31 
THX :)
ThirteenOranges  [készítő] 2013. márc. 8. @ de. 1:47 
@Reaper Revolutionary: I don't know of any confirmed conflicts between this and any other mods. My only suggestion if you experiene some, is don't use mods that make drastic changes to base game systems (changing NPCs, large areas of Navmesh, drastic changes to landscape or cities etc), as they are the most likely to cause conflicts with other mods, since most mods rely on these base game systems to function.
The Illustrious Revolutionary 2013. márc. 7. @ du. 5:37 
i'l give it a try, if it fails i'l just remove this mod, and hahaha i love the comment of Zacman the Damned xD like 6 comments before me lol.

i hope the mod works.. seems like a nice thing, altough if it has so many conflicts you could adjus a thing or 2 right?

for more compability and friendly use with other mods :) probably a pain in the ass xd
jojarich 2013. márc. 6. @ de. 5:51 
just subscribed, cant wait to get home from work and chk it out... nxt to chk out yur others, i love that u and others are out there doin these mods, LONG LIVE MODDERS!!!
MasterKontrol 2013. márc. 6. @ de. 12:46 
Skills.............. you has them ;)
ThirteenOranges  [készítő] 2013. márc. 2. @ du. 1:37 
@Gomu: Im going to go ahead and assume you havent read the full description. Always read the full description before playing and especially before posting comments.
Delafranco Fere 2013. márc. 1. @ du. 3:32 
both oakwood ad this crash my game....any help?
dave-huston 2013. febr. 28. @ du. 6:09 
Are you ever able to go into the buildings? I am never able to do this.
The meaty Milk of Sanctity 2013. febr. 26. @ du. 9:14 
in Ofland and Margarte's house I couldnt get into the 2nd story due to a crossbeam
Zacman The Damned 2013. febr. 26. @ de. 8:18 
Just arrived in the Dale, looked cool, but one of the villagers proceeded to kill the horse I was riding. Didn't attack me, just the horse.
|FP| ├Σssence┤ 2013. febr. 12. @ de. 9:43 
Bleakest Knight 2013. jan. 25. @ du. 7:45 
@xeobug doom, are you talking about the second map screenshot? That's the map from the Elder Scrolls I: Arena.
Xeobug Doom 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 6:13 
map mod?
ThirteenOranges  [készítő] 2013. jan. 11. @ de. 4:49 
@Blix: She is, but less than some other characters (she recently lost her son afterall). Though if she didn't sleep at all, that's likely to be an issue with the AI Package set up. Ill look into it whenever I get a chance to start a patch.
Blix 2013. jan. 11. @ de. 1:53 
Firstly, I -love- your 'places' series. One of my characters even 'lives' in Oakwood thanks to Perseid's Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental mod.

Laintar Dale is no exception, and I love that Radiant Quests occur there - except one nagging issue. Pellacia Cocades must be hitting the moon sugar pretty hard, because she never goes to bed. I had to hide out in the guest bedroom until she went downstairs to snatch my Thieves' Guild object, and then use invisibility to leave. Don't get me wrong, it was an adventure, but... is she -not- supposed to sleep?