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La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

Project: Make
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1,322 commentaires
Queen Of Spades 25 mar à 8h16 
deniska9830 22 mar à 11h24 
VinSer 7 mar à 4h29 
Tronk 6 mar à 9h35 
Well I saw this on kickstarter SO JUST DO IT, "make" (get it?) your dreams come true.
*Larry* 1 mar à 2h23 
net 20 fév à 20h25 
death is only the beginning of something new, hopefully someone will buy this fallen project.
CHOCAPIC 18 fév à 10h50 
Z-type 13 fév à 8h25 
IkkyuTensai 10 fév à 6h01 
I'm waiting.
Şuursuz Manda 4 fév à 2h39 
SbicSla. 23 jan à 2h56 
GET GOOD, GET BANBOX 22 jan à 19h58 
Shame. This looked good.
Ayy 13 jan à 19h23 
it's a dead project
3 jan à 16h26 
very nice
magyarz20 ☩ 28 déc 2015 à 10h06 
✪ Zaw 20 déc 2015 à 10h23 
i`m waiting for this...
The Bonus Fry 15 nov 2015 à 16h08 
loving it
Major_Dee 14 nov 2015 à 2h37 
don´t like this game
Whiskas 4 nov 2015 à 15h43 
i was really looking forwards to this :(
BANZAI 1 nov 2015 à 4h04 
make this free on steam could be cool
Loafwad ツ 27 oct 2015 à 7h33 
Anyone else still waiting for the release of this game?
Weazel JSS 8 sept 2015 à 2h04 
:( to bad
net 15 août 2015 à 19h44 
rest in peace, my hope and dreams...
Кавайный Шкет 22 juil 2015 à 9h00 
Хуйня, но мне понравилось
Belsnickle 18 juil 2015 à 18h18 
will this ever come back?
☪.KG.CLassic 13 juil 2015 à 6h57 
Atros 25 juin 2015 à 18h10 
well this is dead
Sim_guy1 22 juin 2015 à 2h17 
I want this soo bad
.*.Cr3yWolf.*. AkA ÖLarn 27 mai 2015 à 6h29 
Sad its on hold..
Big Boss 28 avr 2015 à 17h39 
plagio de space enginers
Andarez 15 avr 2015 à 13h09 
i.l.2002 3 avr 2015 à 14h32 
voted. cool game

Red 30 mar 2015 à 17h24 
I think less videos, and more payed Alpha would help
Red 30 mar 2015 à 17h24 
Anybody got a defib . ? Me and look's like half of the comunity want's it back . . .
Milo kerrigan 15 mar 2015 à 14h36 
Would like to try this :)
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 1 mar 2015 à 17h30 
Bring it back.
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 1 mar 2015 à 17h29 
I still support this.
小鸟游小雏 17 fév 2015 à 18h18 
这 。。。。。。。
Heavy_Gangster CHALLENGER 16 fév 2015 à 12h17 
qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq ;)
Nethula 15 fév 2015 à 15h36 
I hope this game comes back.
cheese.9898 5 fév 2015 à 23h33 
This looks beautiful
☼GooseBumper☼ 28 jan 2015 à 23h15 
Still have hope that one day it will come back from the dead
YouRang? 25 jan 2015 à 18h05 
This game was closed, it didn't recieve enough funding ;-;. Don't get why then didn't release it in early alpha and get more $$$, would've sold like crazy...
Beeps! 25 jan 2015 à 2h22 
I miss this game, come back to us, Crowe!
net 16 jan 2015 à 17h10 
I still support this.
crankflaffi 29 nov 2014 à 15h48 
Has there been any information about this project in 2014???
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 21 nov 2014 à 18h31 
it would be cool to put this on xbox as a indie or something
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 21 nov 2014 à 18h30 
this needs to be put on steam SOON
SL1XXY 5 nov 2014 à 2h04 
cool :)
Bainha 18 oct 2014 à 17h51 
make this free on steam plzzzz