Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Project: Make
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☣Поняша☣ 12 jun om 4:24vm 
Куплю если выйдет
Jett_Western 10 jun om 8:30vm 
Я бы купил
Queen Of Spades 25 mrt om 8:16vm 
deniska9830 22 mrt om 11:24vm 
VinSer 7 mrt om 4:29vm 
Tronk 6 mrt om 9:35vm 
Well I saw this on kickstarter SO JUST DO IT, "make" (get it?) your dreams come true.
*Larry* 1 mrt om 2:23vm 
netmyers 20 feb om 8:25nm 
death is only the beginning of something new, hopefully someone will buy this fallen project.
CHOCAPIC 18 feb om 10:50vm 
IkkyuTensai 10 feb om 6:01vm 
I'm waiting.
Şuursuz Manda 4 feb om 2:39vm 
Hadjnait is absent 23 jan om 2:56vm 
Hammurabi of Babylon 22 jan om 7:58nm 
Shame. This looked good.
Ayy 13 jan om 7:23nm 
it's a dead project
NANMAN 3 jan om 4:26nm 
very nice
Obsit 28 dec 2015 om 10:06vm 
✪Z a w #MissClick 20 dec 2015 om 10:23vm 
i`m waiting for this...
The Bonus Fry 15 nov 2015 om 4:08nm 
loving it
Space Panda 14 nov 2015 om 2:37vm 
don´t like this game
Whiskas 4 nov 2015 om 3:43nm 
i was really looking forwards to this :(
BANZAI 1 nov 2015 om 4:04vm 
make this free on steam could be cool
Loafwad ツ 27 okt 2015 om 7:33vm 
Anyone else still waiting for the release of this game?
Weazel JSS 8 sep 2015 om 2:04vm 
:( to bad
netmyers 15 aug 2015 om 7:44nm 
rest in peace, my hope and dreams...
Джуди Хопс 22 jul 2015 om 9:00vm 
Хуйня, но мне понравилось
Belsnickle 18 jul 2015 om 6:18nm 
will this ever come back?
☪.KG.CLassic 13 jul 2015 om 6:57vm 
Atros 25 jun 2015 om 6:10nm 
well this is dead
Sim_guy1 22 jun 2015 om 2:17vm 
I want this soo bad
.*.Cr3yWolf.*. AkA ÖLarn 27 mei 2015 om 6:29vm 
Sad its on hold..
Big Boss 117 28 apr 2015 om 5:39nm 
plagio de space enginers
Andarez 15 apr 2015 om 1:09nm 
i.l.2002 3 apr 2015 om 2:32nm 
voted. cool game

Red 30 mrt 2015 om 5:24nm 
I think less videos, and more payed Alpha would help
Red 30 mrt 2015 om 5:24nm 
Anybody got a defib . ? Me and look's like half of the comunity want's it back . . .
Milo kerrigan 15 mrt 2015 om 2:36nm 
Would like to try this :)
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 1 mrt 2015 om 5:30nm 
Bring it back.
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 1 mrt 2015 om 5:29nm 
I still support this.
小鸟游小雏 17 feb 2015 om 6:18nm 
这 。。。。。。。
Heavy_Gangster CHALLENGER 16 feb 2015 om 12:17nm 
qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq ;)
Nethula 15 feb 2015 om 3:36nm 
I hope this game comes back.
cheese.9898 5 feb 2015 om 11:33nm 
This looks beautiful
☼GooseBumper☼ 28 jan 2015 om 11:15nm 
Still have hope that one day it will come back from the dead
YouRang? 25 jan 2015 om 6:05nm 
This game was closed, it didn't recieve enough funding ;-;. Don't get why then didn't release it in early alpha and get more $$$, would've sold like crazy...
Beeps! 25 jan 2015 om 2:22vm 
I miss this game, come back to us, Crowe!
netmyers 16 jan 2015 om 5:10nm 
I still support this.
crankflaffi 29 nov 2014 om 3:48nm 
Has there been any information about this project in 2014???
♒CRAZY BOY♒ 21 nov 2014 om 6:31nm 
it would be cool to put this on xbox as a indie or something