Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

Project: Make
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ScemEnzo 7 септември в 2:36сут. 
Hope you guys'll solve every problem. This game is one of my most awaited on Steam and is undubtely one of the best game put on Greenlight.
PineTheTree 30 август в 2:24след. 
we arent famiwy cuz u fater den mez
x17doom 28 август в 3:18сут. 
WHY HAVE YOU PUT DEVELOPMENT ON HOLD this game looks amzing and should at least get an alpha release
Gendalf 24 август в 2:00сут. 
Английский- язык национальный, поэтому почти все игры на нём.
{]PFF[} 4 август в 7:19сут. 
RaiteR 4 август в 1:02сут. 
Почему все игры на английском.
Koteu29 29 юли в 4:53сут. 
LBP on PC ? :D
{ICES}icekings 25 юли в 12:05сут. 
looks cool but i would like to see some kind of survival in it
ichigo kurosaki 13 юли в 9:07сут. 
that game looks awesome!!
Hoobliga 13 юли в 12:37сут. 
Thumbnail is incredibly misleading
Cashews??? 10 юли в 4:16сут. 
it might come out cause its been accepted by valve and they are contacting the devolpers
A Red Cat 6 юли в 11:52сут. 
"Space Engineers" is the closest thing to this game. I suggest getting it.
CRAZY BOY 28 юни в 5:12след. 
make needs to be dowloadable somewhere plz tell me it is
StealthCommander 26 юни в 7:14сут. 
when will release MAKE ?????????????????
StealthCommander 26 юни в 7:11сут. 
Meanwhile In South Africa 23 юни в 7:36сут. 
I had hope for you, but you let down... how could you? this game has so much potential but no you had it on hold forever and gave up, you could have had such a great game knowing you made it but no it wasn't enough for you... you had gave up on this work of art... on us. we all had so much hope and happiness for the release of this great indie game but you left it here untouched and never to be touched and you forgot it. Why would you throw away such a great idea?
Frunta 22 юни в 10:21сут. 
Looks very good.
[DC] DARK ASSASSIN 22 май в 11:28след. 
1objection 16 май в 3:40след. 
For all you dicks who say shit like "OH DIS GAEM SUX" like sharpnova, grow up. I'm actually happy that they are putting a hold on the game instead of releasing it in alpha/beta like the other thousands of developers on steam. I can't count how many times I've seen a game put up on steam in beta and then the devs got their money and decided not to update ever again. (Example: DayZ).
phantom55512 15 май в 12:57след. 
It's a good game. :)
sharpnova 10 май в 8:29след. 
on hold indefinitely. no timeframe or anything.

annnndddd... game removed from my list of upcoming indie titles to watch for.

i suggest you all do the same.
(COEG)NoticeMeSenpai 26 април в 9:32сут. 
how do i get it do
kiki4 24 април в 12:33сут. 
not bad
☣YouRang?☣ 19 април в 8:34след. 
Why don't they just release the alpha on steam, get more funding, then continue the production of the game? Someone contact them on this #MAKE
blueaseer - Special Edition 19 април в 11:56сут. 
You are now dead forever, Project: MAKE is not ever going to come back, gg
gooroo7 8 април в 2:00след. 
Looks like a lot of fun!
theHATmaster 29 март в 2:03след. 
it's awesome
plowablebat82 28 март в 1:01след. 
At least you could release the game in some form of demo, alpha, then go onto the beta. Everyone wants this game and I do too. Demo should be free of course but have some features not all. Alpha should of course cost many and buying aplha should get u to beta. After beta is probably full release. At least if this failed put it out for demo or alpha and try to get more recognition for this game. It looks so fun I would love to play this!
plowablebat82 28 март в 12:50след. 
this looks really fun
ペイン 23 март в 5:29сут. 
i want this =(
kakadu 13 март в 8:59сут. 
the ideal game
CinnamonOwl 27 февруари в 2:21след. 
Yes, I like it. It's like a mix of Saints Row IV's telekenisis power and Super Mario Galaxy.
andy 16 февруари в 8:17след. 
ya it isnt alot of times I say " ILL PAY! GIMME GIMME GIMME! " an the one time I do , game falls apart.
Mr Bojangles 16 февруари в 7:41сут. 
Guys, if you get some better publicity I'm sure your game would do better, I think the problem is, no one knows about you game. A good form of marketing is to perhaps give a demo or alpha build of the game to some big youtuber like the yogscast, they would be good because they play block building games and space games. It'd certainly get you guys some noteriety.
☣YouRang?☣ 12 февруари в 4:56след. 
I know this game is closed but you could release the alpha, make some more money(since you closed due to a lack of funds) and finish.
icywind 7 февруари в 9:35сут. 
Looks really really awesome.
AndrewJLR 7 февруари в 4:27сут. 
The game is really cool
kw'17うん 7 февруари в 2:28сут. 
i like it!
Nethula 24 януари в 12:45след. 
how long is this game on hold?
Putchute 8 януари в 1:10сут. 
Game is indefinitely on hold D: if I had tons of money I'd pay them however much was needed to make it not be on hold >.> lol
☢GooseBumper☢ 7 януари в 4:44след. 
can i please buy this game now i dont care ifits still a work in proggress if you leave it how it is poeple will still buy it please ill buy it for like 20 buck or a bit more just let me play it now!!!
Just A Normal Gamer 5 януари в 9:13след. 
This looks so cool totally getting it wen its out!
Muzimus 3 януари в 11:51след. 
its nice!
Keprachaun 1 януари в 3:13сут. 
Q4 2013 has already passed...
Navi_Fan_dota2_ 18 декември 2013 в 5:47след. 
ah sweet this looks preety cool
ToastedPickle 15 декември 2013 в 10:45сут. 
POSTPONED!!??! INDEFINATLEY, NOOOOOOOOO :C I have no self eesteem anymore ( jk jk) but seriously! Ive beenw watching this scince it came on greenight D: NOOO
SUPREMESAUSAGE 13 декември 2013 в 4:17след. 
it looks ok.. something I may spend money on, that is if it comes out to buy.
Major Brighton 11 декември 2013 в 10:11сут. 
Maybe the first film should talk more about the game and what the objective is? I was totaly in the dark. A robot breakdancing? I did look a bit repetative and stopped me from watching more. Sorry, yet if you can not get it right in the first video why hang around for more? The robots are working together to what end?
-_Theo_- 9 декември 2013 в 9:23сут. 
Colditz Colligula 9 декември 2013 в 8:13сут. 
Good night sweet prince...