Crimes Against Nature
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更新于:10月25日 下午7:43


  • Re-compressed .bsa
  • Reconfigured skeletons, hopefully headsize is finally fixed

更新于:10月25日 下午4:55

2.1.0 HOTFIX

  • Updated the .esp so the new .bsa should download for subscribers

更新于:10月25日 下午3:30


  • .bsa is now uncompressed. Headsizes and missing parts should be fixed.

更新于:10月19日 下午6:39


  • Minor script fix for vampirism

更新于:10月16日 下午1:12


  • Crimes Against Nature.esp now has the ESM flag enabled

更新于:10月16日 下午1:07


  • Dog, Cat, and Chair races renamed to Dogmer, Hunam, and Ikea-Born (Thanks to whoever came up with 'Dogmer')
  • Dogmer, Hunam, Ikea-Born, and Pony races completely overhauled: skintones, eye color, warpaint, makeup, and morph sliders enabled
  • New body textures for Ikea-Born and Ponies
  • New races: Spheriphem, Hold Guardian, and Sanic
  • Running speed, jump height, and Vampirism fixes included for all races.
  • RGA versions of all races also included (Reversed Gender Animations)
  • Skeletal Helmet fitting for Hold Guardians, Hunams, Ponies, Sanic, and Spheriphem
  • Crummy cloned helpers removed, they were pretty useless to begin with, if you want NPCs to use the new races, check the linked plugins
  • Tommy is still Tommy, calm down, he's not going anywhere
  • SEQ file included for Tommy's voice

更新于:2012年9月25日 下午9:49


  • Initial Release