Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)
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Update: 21. Aug. 2012 um 12:35 Uhr

Crashing should now be fixed
Silver Blood Inn Fixed

Update: 20. Aug. 2012 um 23:05 Uhr

Dragonsreach Entrance Archway and the room on the immediate left fixed, also removed that god awful line that appeared in the cast shadows

Update: 15. Feb. 2012 um 1:33 Uhr

More modifications made to Breezehome and Proudspire Manor Lighting also Whiterun's lighting has been fixed

Update: 13. Feb. 2012 um 17:25 Uhr

Solitude Hall of the Dead and Catacombs fixed

Update: 13. Feb. 2012 um 11:22 Uhr

White Phial in Windhelm fixed

Update: 12. Feb. 2012 um 2:37 Uhr

Helgen Keep Torture room's light dimmed slightly and depth bias fixed to help hide the bad shadows from the book

Update: 10. Feb. 2012 um 16:18 Uhr

More small tweaks

Update: 10. Feb. 2012 um 16:10 Uhr

First cell on the right fixed in Knifepoint mine + Small Tweaks

Update: 8. Feb. 2012 um 11:02 Uhr

Radiant Raiment has been fixed, was almost as terrible as Breezehome

Update: 8. Feb. 2012 um 3:58 Uhr

Updated to fix the lighting in Proudspire Manor in Solitude