The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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Mis à jour le : 2 mai à 21h21

Version 1.2.8

Script synchronization with USKP 2.0.4 fixes to The Fallen (MQ301).

Mis à jour le : 12 fév à 2h03

Mis à jour le : 11 fév à 18h16

Version 1.2.7

Had to adjust Delphine and Esbern's aliases during The Fallen (MQ301) so that they remain essential until stage 50, which is the stage that comes after the negotiations at High Hrothgar.

Mis à jour le : 27 jan à 15h55

Version 1.2.6

At the end of Dragonslayer (MQ305) the objective for the Paarthurnax quest was being disabled. This will no longer happen.
Esbern has been marked as an optional alias during The Fallen (MQ301) so that the remainder of the quest will not fail.
Esbern and Delphine have been marked as optional aliases for MQ306 so the scenes associated with it will not fail.
If MQ306 was DOA due to Esbern or Delphine being dead, it will be forced to restart. If you left Throat of the World, go back to get the events to play out properly.
Paarthurnax's "students" will now be enabled after his scene when you return from Sovngarde. Return to Throat of the World again later and they will be there.

Mis à jour le : 2 nov 2013 à 11h47

No changes, just fixing the lost preview image. Silly Steam!

Mis à jour le : 30 oct 2013 à 23h48

Mis à jour le : 12 sept 2013 à 11h59

Version 1.2.5

Paarthurnax's "students" will now enable once you have left Throat of the World after the first encounter with Alduin so they don't just show up unexpectedly.

Mis à jour le : 10 mai 2013 à 22h03

Version 1.2.4

Minor script optimizations.
Updated cleaning with TES5Edit 3.0.30.

Mis à jour le : 18 nov 2012 à 23h55

Version 1.2.3

Minor typo correction in dialogue.
Slight tweak to clarify one of the quest objectives.

Mis à jour le : 16 oct 2012 à 22h58

Version 1.2.2

Cleaned with TES5Edit.
Generated SEQ file necessary to handle start-enabled quests.