The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Open Cities Skyrim
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Aktualizace: 5. pro. 2012 v 22.26

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.7

Solitude: One of the civil war fires was not hooked up to the enable parent properly.
General: The script which fixes broken positioning on the original vanilla gates has been modified so that it will only attempt to execute once instead of on every reload of the area.

Aktualizace: 19. lis. 2012 v 23.13

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.6

All: Old script assignments attached to the player house doors have been removed so they won't block access to the real ones.
All: Hana upgraded her Oblivion gate meshes to use real collision. The fake collision cubes have therefore been removed from the game. Improved textures have also been provided.
All, except Windhelm: Outdoor lighting in the cities will turn on and off for day/night changes. Windhelm will not be covered since the outdoor lighting doubles as sources of warmth.
Whiterun: A barricade outside the Drunken Huntsman was not tethered properly to its enable parent.

Aktualizace: 16. říj. 2012 v 1.12

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.5

Generated SEQ file necessary to handle start-enabled quests.

All: The gatesmen for the cities have all been transferred to interior start locations so the civil war quests that send everyone indoors will take them too.
Solitude: The cell SolitudeMountainside was not properly listed as being in SolitudeLocation and was disrupting civil war data for the city.
Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm: Location reference type markers have been stripped from the closed city markers to prevent them from stealing aliases from their open city counterparts during the civil war.
Solitude: The birds that fly overhead will now be disabled during the civil war battle.
Whiterun: The Stormcloak assault on the city should now be working properly.

Aktualizace: 6. říj. 2012 v 20.59

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.4

Mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit. Yay! No more dirty edits or deleted records in the way!
Whiterun: Fixed navmesh edits in Breezehome to avoid a CTD conflict caused by the Hearthfire DLC.

Aktualizace: 29. zář. 2012 v 18.36

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.3

All: Fixed the quest objective pointers for the house purchases.
All: Town music has been fixed in the region definitions and should play properly when in the cities now.
Windhelm: Fixed some markers and AI packs so Blood on the Ice will continue to work properly.
Solitude: The crates and furniture on the porch of Proudspire Manor were not attached to the parent object for the house quest.
Riften: The wrong duplicate door was removed in the previous update.
Whiterun: Backed out changes to the Companions werewolf rampage (C03Rampage) and reworked the access point to it in order to remove a conflict with Dawnguard.
Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm: Added woodcutters' axes at each chopping block where wood can be cut.

Aktualizace: 8. zář. 2012 v 17.54

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.2

Whiterun: The trigger box that is intended to unlock the gate wasn't 100% effective. Added a check for the guard dialogue stage to force the gate to unlock.
Whiterun: Some of the patrol guards needed to have their linked references updated or they'd stay stuck in the closed city.
Whiterun: A few more marker problems sending people to the closed worldspace have been corrected.
Riften: A duplicate door at Elgrim's Elixirs has been removed.
Riften: Brynjolf's Falmer Blood Elixir bottles were not attached to the enable marker that cleans them up once the initial Thieves Guild quest is done.

Aktualizace: 17. srp. 2012 v 23.29

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9.1

The compatibility support system used by the Open Cities mods for Oblivion has been added to allow for authors who wish to support compatibility with Open Cities to do so without requiring a patch file between mods. A new document has been included which explains the system and how to use it.

Solitude: During the tower escape for the Dark Brotherhood, Commander Maro will no longer be missing from the scene due to having been moved to the closed worldspace.
Solitude: The quest marker for the Festival of Fire will now point to the correct worldspace.
Whiterun: The script to deal with unlocking the city gate at appropriate times was accidentally left out.
Whiterun: The Dark Elf gatesman had somehow been given sound data for giants, resulting in heavy breathing sounds near him.
Whiterun: A gap in the stairway leading up to Dragonsreach has been corrected.
Windhelm: The map markers for the city should no longer be shifted slightly out of position on the map.
Windhelm: The door to Hjerim lost its key assignment and has been corrected.

Aktualizace: 6. srp. 2012 v 3.28

Open Cities Skyrim v0.9

(Yes, this was a somewhat arbitrary version number jump)

With this update, be sure and pay a visit to the gates in Windhelm, Whiterun, and Markarth so that the updates can be registered.

Recompiled all scripts from the mod to be sure they're in compliance with format changes introduced in Skyrim 1.6.89.
Whiterun: When asked to train outside with Vilkas, the participants all ended up going to the closed worldspace instead.
Whiterun: The argument at the gate for "In My Time of Need" will no longer be a one sided show with just the two Redguards and no city guard.
Whiterun: The city gate has been tweaked so as to allow the civil war door flags to operate properly. It will also now lock and unlock itself at appropriate quest stages.
Whiterun: The gatesman was not set in the right crime faction which allowed him to be freely slaughtered without the guards assisting him.
Markarth: Tyranus and Yngvar will now be found waiting in the proper locations for their scene outside the abandoned house.
Markarth: The scene with Endon, Karah, and Adara will now play out in the proper location in the open worldspace.
Markarth: The city gate should no longer displace itself when the mod is uninstalled.
Windhelm: The map marker should no longer be slightly offset from its counterpart in the closed worldspace.
Windhelm: The two city gates should no longer be rotated 90 degrees off center when the mod is uninstalled.
Riften: The fireball floating in the trees northeast of the city has been removed.

Aktualizace: 12. čvc. 2012 v 15.59

Open Cities Skyrim v0.8.1

Windhelm: Some markers for Blood on the Ice needed to be fixed.
Whiterun: A necessary script for part of the Companions quest was left out and has now been included.

Aktualizace: 8. čvc. 2012 v 13.40

Open Cities Skyrim v0.8

All: Doors to the player houses will now properly complete the house purchasing objectives if a house hasn't been visited before installing the mod.
Solitude: Stepping on to the execution platform after Rogviir is dead will no longer make the guards hostile.
Whiterun: The city gate should no longer bar access during the Battle for Whiterun.
Riften: A missing piece of wall was added in the area below the Mausoleum.

New Material: Windhelm is now an open city.