Provincial Courier Service
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更新于:7月13日 下午11:30

Version 1.2.3

Synced fixes from USKP 2.0.5.

更新于:4月1日 下午10:33

Version 1.2.2

Fixed a broken navmesh connection on the road northeast of the courier's house.
Removed excess navmesh data to prevent conflicts with Cutting Room Floor.

更新于:2月3日 上午12:05

Version 1.2.1

The WICourier quest which controls his deliveries was not being stopped once they had been made which would have prevented him from running more deliveries later.
Adjusted landscaping behind the house to unbury a clay deposit added by Hearthfire.

更新于:2013年12月15日 下午10:14

Version 1.2

Relocated once more due to an unforeseen conflict with the Battle of Whiterun. Location data changes caused the battle camp to fail to appear properly.
Added a custom sign for the courier office.

更新于:2013年11月9日 下午7:27

Version 1.1

Relocated to the empty space next to Honningbrew Meadery. Should put it out of the way of several major Whiterun altering mods.

更新于:2013年11月8日 下午11:20