The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Unbound: The Ultimate Alternate Start
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Atualização: 7 de mar às 1:13


Replaced "random" dragon option with a staggered delay:

Default time before dragons can spawn is seven days to three weeks; after another week to three weeks, random dragons will start appearing. The min/max values can be changed in the MCM.

If you do not use SkyUI, you can edit the following global variables (using increments of in-game hours):


Added a slider option for starting gold.
Fixed some bugs with poor rags settings.
Revamped Non-SkyUI options power.

Atualização: 28 de fev às 0:47


Fixed a problem with starting location selection.

Atualização: 27 de fev às 17:02


Screwed up the last update, problems with the MCM and word walls/soul absorption on preexisting saves should be fixed now.
Added individual spell selection as an option for magic.
Added dual daggers and dual swords as weapon options. (Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way to force both to be equipped at game start. You'll just have to equip the second weapon yourself.)

Atualização: 27 de fev às 12:41


Reduced chances of starting at a camp, jail, or stronghold when location is set to random.
Fixed stronghold hold names.
Added fur armor to light armor. (Still selectable on its own).
Removed the chargen autosave.
Dragon and Word Wall options are now always enabled.
Dragons and/or soul absorption should no longer be automatically disabled when used on preexisting saves.
Ensured options power is given to NonSkyUI users on preexisting saves.

Atualização: 12 de fev às 3:22

BSA file wasn't properly repacked in the last upload, resulting in a broken startup menu and a missing MCM. Fixed.

Atualização: 11 de fev às 4:57


Total revamp of the MCM and non-SkyUI startup menus.
Added options for classes and birthsigns (compatible with Character Creation Overhaul).

Atualização: 10 de fev às 1:36

4.2 - MCM Fixes.

Atualização: 6 de fev às 7:45

Quick fix for the new Whiterun spawnpoint.

Atualização: 6 de fev às 7:34


Removed Dragonborn references from dialogue in the Civil War finale.
Excluded Imperial, Stormcloak, and Redguard from the random outfit option.
Outfit type now influences random weapon options (no more battleaxes for low-armor characters, for example).
Slightly reduced chances of getting rags, daggers, staves, etc.
Changed "Bandit Armor" to "Fur Armor" (useful for Frostfall).
Replaced fine armguards with studded bracers.
The quest objective "Find the secret of Bleak Falls Barrow" is now completed when using the claw to enter the final chamber.
Moved Dragonsreach spawn point to the Plains District.
Removed "The Book of the Dragonborn" from new characters.
Minor MCM tweaks for debugging.

Atualização: 12/out/2014 às 3:25


Fixed disabled equip sounds bug.
Fixed problem with greyed out options in the MCM.
Fixed rags always being poor.
Fixed Shearpoint word wall shouts not being unlocked when souls are disabled.
MCM layout changes.
Added dragon stalking fix code.
Added fast start option. (Type "set faststart to 1" in console before a new game.)
Added Helgen and Orc Stronghold starting locations.
Moved title screen spawn location.