Honeystrand Meadery
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更新于:2013年7月13日 下午5:07

Permanently unlocked the door that locks since apparently even the key is not working for some people. This means you will be able to access either the Main Hall or Boilery before they are "repaired" (i.e. when you've build one, but not the other), but for the time being this is preferable to people having to run outside to move between buildings.

更新于:2013年7月12日 下午2:59

1.1.1 update
-more water to well until I have time to make it respawn faster via script
-placed key on bar (on the right) for the door that sometimes locks in the main hall

更新于:2013年7月11日 下午11:13

1.1 update

-fixed dialogue bug
-fixed locking door bug

更新于:2013年7月10日 下午5:14