The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Equipment Flexibility Project - Bandits Module
1–6/6 bejegyzés mutatása
Frissítés: 2015. ápr. 6. @ 13:49

now most bandits spawn with torches - no more seeing in the dark!

Frissítés: 2013. júl. 10. @ 9:19

Frissítés: 2013. júl. 9. @ 22:09

Some minor tweaks and fixes
Silverhand no longer uses the new random outfits, they use their original biz

Frissítés: 2013. jún. 25. @ 12:21

reduced frequency of common items (pickaxe, wood axe, etc)
further reduced frequency of common items at higher levels
tweaked distribution of armors and robes for bandit mages
bandages have lower chance to spawn but are now separate from helmets
dual wielding at higher levels has been increased in frequency

Frissítés: 2013. jún. 24. @ 21:45

Further decreased frequency of clothing at higher levels
Added varying types of robes to bandit mages
Fixed a mistake that gave boss armor to non-bosses

Frissítés: 2013. jún. 24. @ 12:48