Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

[|| Immersion Overhaul Mutator V1.14 ||]
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1. Open ROEngine.ini found in: C:\Users\<YourName>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config

2. Go to the section [UnrealEd.EditorEngine]

3. At the bottom, add ForceLoadMods=SoundMutator


4. Enjoy

If you don't do this the mod won't function properly!! This will give you a marked increase in game start time, but that's just how it is right now.

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[CENTER][SIZE="5"]RO2 Sound Mutator[/size]
Written by dibbler67, not including "Better Realism" by Panzer Jager '43

[COLOR="Red"]UPDATED 12/9/2013[/color]

-server admins may enable/disable Iron Sight free-aim on the fly, players will be notified when this occurs like the other toggleable features.

-One last attempt to fix the redirect issue before my exams :o


LATEST VERSION: STEAM WORKSHOP! and http://www.mediafire.com/download/b52r6tyjm2dnp05/ImmersionOverhaulMutatorV1_03.7z This is a *.7z file. Use 7Zip to extract it.

Since it's now on workshop, the instructions below are not necessary unless you loathe Steam Workshop.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously subscribed, unsubscribe then place the extracted ROGame directory with the one found in C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2 and merge and overwrite all files.

If any of my files are still in C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Unpublished or any of its sub-directories, delete them or be sure you aren't launching with the -useunpublished option.


[COLOR="Yellow"]Contains content produced or provided by:[/color]

Howitzer114 - sounds
Panzer Jager '43 - Better Realism Mutator
Moskeeto - Skins, skins, skins, skins, sounds
Kaminski - Waffen SS models
Warishell - Waffen SS model rigging and packaging
The_pacific - sounds
TheSynchronizer - decals
PsychoPigeon - sounds
McGunn3r - sounds

Thanks you guys!

If I've forgotten you, I'm very sorry! Let me know and I'll update this immediately. I hope you understand how difficult it is to keep track of all of this :o

Also a big thank you to everyone who has provided me with feedback for this mod, and those who hosted it on their server! I'll attempt to list you and thank you personally later, but I have to get back to work right now ;)


[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Better Realism Mod[/color]: Panzer Jager '43's Better Realism Mod: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=91184

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]NoZoom[/color]: You may now disable all zoom in the configuration menu! You may disable just IS zoom or just Shift zoom if you care to, too

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Shrapnel effects for explosives[/color]: antipersonnel explosives (artillery, grenades) produce deadly shrapnel that you can hear

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Bullet whips[/color]: conditionally play bullet cracks based on estimated speed at point of closest contact

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Replaced Arty Sounds[/color]: Almost every arty sound has been changed. Artillery is somewhat Hollywood, but scary. Mortars are subtle whizzes, if you're close enough to hear one falling you're probably dead. And rockets are screaming banshees.

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Replaced Grenade Sounds[/color]: New, with less fall off at distance like all new explosions

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Dynamic Movement Speed[/color]: You will slow down running through snow, water, uphill or upstairs, and you will run slightly faster on terrain such as roads. It's a gradual change.

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Skins[/color]: Added support for new player models and skins! Will eventually be configurable serverside and hopefully by map.

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Decals[/color]: Decals spawn on helmets! Only in RS at the moment, due to a bug.

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Blood Effects[/color]: Spurting blood for neck shots that also trails on the ground.

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Shoot off helmets[/color]: Chance for helmets (only helmets) to be blown off by gunshots or explosions (RO2 only)

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]"Cinematic" death effects[/color]: Screen and audio fade. Headshots result in muted audio

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Location specific death sounds[/color]: horrible gurgling and screaming :o and quiet headshot deaths

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Modified running, footstep, and ladder climbing sounds[/color]

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Resupply mg sound is back[/color]

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Shooting screaming dead people in the head will silence them[/color] ... but only if you are playing online :o

[COLOR="Magenta"]New![/color] New weapons from the vehicle team are coming, but they are disabled in the current version as I investigate how to get them online

[COLOR="Magenta"]New![/color] See your own shadow, with weapons!

[COLOR="DarkBlue"]Probably more[/color]: ...that I've forgotten :o


When loading a Workshop map in game, click the mutator tab and select the sound mutator. That's it! In the future it will be working on dedicated servers again.


- Cannot spawn in tanks [COLOR="DarkBlue"]Fixed[/color]

- Shooting off white helmets will spawn the wrong color helmet [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Fix pending[/color]

- Penetrating shots do not leave decals

- Player models no longer accept decals [COLOR="DarkBlue"]Fixed[/color]

- Single shot sounds are screwy

- [COLOR="Red"]Crashes dedicated servers when launched on server start[/color] [COLOR="DarkBlue"]Other cases fixed[/color]

Note: [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Fix pending[/color] means I have solved the issue on my end but have not yet updated the mod.

Will update with more!

Two servers are running this at the moment:

Cat_in_da_Hat's Mutator Test Server (Australia)

[OdW] Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Germany)

Both will appear in the Unranked section of the browser. You may experience bugs, if so report them! If they seem very inconsistent (i.e. no one else experiences them) then you may have to reinstall the mod. It seems that Steam Workshop doesn't like people that manually installed the mod before and then subscribed.

At Paulchen Panzer's suggestion, here is how the Skin system works:

In the ROSoundMutator.ini:


The two dynamic arrays AxisSelection and AlliesSelection represent every possible uniform for each team (winter AND summer.)

If this section of your .ini doesn't look like this you should fix it!

Each entry contains a string 'UniformPath' that tells the server where it can find a particular subclass of UniformVariant ( a class I created to manage skins) and a boolean entry bWinter, which tells the server whether or not this uniform should be used on a winter map or not.

Each UniformVariant has at least one sub entity called a Skin. This Skin contains information about the textures (the skin! :)) to use for its UniformVariant.

When the server loads the mutator, the mutator will check whether it is a winter map or not and load all UniformVariants that meet that criteria into an array. Then the mutator will parse the ExcludedAxisSkinKeywords and ExcludedAlliesSkinKeywords for any names of SKINS to exclude. For each player that spawns it will replicate a struct containing all the information the player needs to create his character, which he does when he spawns.

Right now if you want to exclude a UniformVariant, you must comment it out in the .ini with a semicolon like so:


In the future you'll be able to exclude/select UniformVariants like skins. Right now, if you comment out too many UniformVariants the mutator will revert to using the default uniforms.

Excluding all the skins of a uniform will likely have ugly results. So to prevent that, here are each UniformVariant's associated Skin names (Do not try to exclude 'default' !):

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