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Update: 17 mei 2013 @ 4:45nm

*Added light near gel drop portal to enhance its visability from gel enabling button.
*Moved power "antlines" of the two cube drop fizzlers connected to the standing button to the right to make them more visible to the player.

Update: 15 mei 2013 @ 6:59nm

*Added grate cage around cube drop zone to prevent player from getting cube unintentionally and to provide support around the cube drop so it doesn't fall off the light bridge.
*Reduced glass shield around higher portal surface on the "bouncing wall" to enhance ceiling visability from gel button.

Update: 15 mei 2013 @ 8:46vm

*Added grate above gel panel to prevent bouncing on the panel to get to fizzler-disabling platform.
*Removed portal surfaces near cube buttons which could allow for a very skillful use of the lightbridge in which you could skip everything in the map.
*Moved cube drop and fizzlers below one square back to prevent unintended solution to puzzle in which player would catch the cube before it hit the lowest fizzler.

Update: 14 mei 2013 @ 2:18nm

*Added partial glass wall to fizzler-disabling platform to fully prevent use of the light bridge to get on the platform.
*Added assistive lighting.
*Moved gel button to right so it would be easier to see target portal areas.
*Added some portal surfaces for visual touch.

Update: 13 mei 2013 @ 7:18nm

*Removed portal surfaces which unintentionally allowed player to get to fizzler-disabling button.
*Replaced companion cube with standard weighted cube.

Update: 13 mei 2013 @ 3:52nm

*Removed portal surfaces which allowed player to get on fizzler-disabling button platform using the light bridge.

Update: 13 mei 2013 @ 11:51vm

*Removed portal surfaces which allowed for player to fling themselves to fizzler-disabling button.

Update: 13 mei 2013 @ 9:54vm

*Removed portal surfaces which could unintentionally be used to bounce up to fizzler-disabling button.
*Added fizzler and grate to gel button so player cannot put gel onto light bridge which could lead to skipping a portion of the test chamber.
*Moved gel button to allow for greater visibility of target portal area.

Update: 12 mei 2013 @ 11:00nm

*Removed additional portal surfaces which could allow player to skip through the gel portion of the puzzle using the light bridge.

Update: 12 mei 2013 @ 10:54nm

*Removed portal surfaces which allowed player to skip the bouncing gel portion of the puzzle by using light bridge to reach fizzler button.