1–6/6 bejegyzés mutatása
Frissítés: 2013. máj. 12. @ du. 12:35

*Removed a portal-able surface which allowed for very difficult but possible puzzle-break.

Frissítés: 2013. ápr. 27. @ du. 7:42

*Removed additional portal surfaces which could potentially lead to skipping a portion of the puzzle.

Frissítés: 2013. ápr. 27. @ du. 1:24

*Removed a portal surface which could allow players to skip steps in puzzle.
*Added glass to block players from pressing cube-drop button from on top of glass structure.

Frissítés: 2013. ápr. 27. @ de. 10:58

*Made tile at top of laser path non-portal-able because if used the player could skip the puzzle.
*Added glass to provide more visual flair.

Frissítés: 2013. ápr. 24. @ du. 9:10

*Removed light bridge and replaced with fizzler to create a little more challenge and to reduce confusion concerning whether or not portaling the light bridge is part of the solution.
*Increased box-drop button duration to infinite so the cube auto-respawns if sizzled in fizzler. (So player doesn't have to go back to box-drop button over and over again if they need to make multiple attempts at solving puzzle.)

Frissítés: 2013. ápr. 24. @ du. 3:58

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