The Black Sword
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Обновление: 7 янв, 2014 в 11:27

Blackrock now has a new custom model and texture.

Blackrock leveling has been adjusted again, hopefully for good this time. Blackrock is somewhat rare on Falmer, Dwarven Spiders and Centurions, but has a better chance of showing up in those (though it's still more likely on Dwarven spiders and centurions). However, there's a much greater chance of it showing up in Dwarven boss chests. You now, also, have a small chance of getting it out of ore veins.

Rain of Fire ability has been adjusted again. Now rather than using the meteor-style impact, it explodes like a fireball.

Обновление: 4 мая, 2013 в 12:15

Designated a modified instant death script for the Black Sword, as well as tweaking the soul trap and rain of fire abilities.

Обновление: 24 апр, 2013 в 17:37

Fixed a rather icky bug where, if you tried to use the filled Black Sword soulgem to recharge your enchanted items, it'd cause the game to crash. I unfortunately had to cut the filled version of the soul gem, so now instead of being glowy when filled, the gem is glowy empty or full.

Обновление: 23 апр, 2013 в 12:23

Adjusts blackrock leveling a bit more. Now has a chance to be found on Centurions as well as in dwarven boss chests. Keep your peepers peeled!

Обновление: 23 апр, 2013 в 12:05

Fixed the issue where having more than one piece of blackrock would hide the sword in the forge list, making both versions of the Unbalanced Black Sword impossible to craft.

Обновление: 19 апр, 2013 в 10:33

Tweaked the leveling of blackrock again. It has a higher chance of showing up on Dwarven Spiders now, and a better chance of showing up on Falmer as well, but still not as frequent as on Dwarven Spiders. I won't be making it any more common than this, so just keep at those spoiders and Falmer

Обновление: 16 апр, 2013 в 21:46

Adjusted blackrock leveling, so it should a bit easier to find in Dwarven Spiders. It can also be found on Falmer now, but it has a far lesser chance of showing up on them.

Обновление: 14 апр, 2013 в 15:52