The Black Sword
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更新: 2月12日 @ 22時46分

Added some missed keywords. Both the Unbalanced and full Black Swords are now able to be fully tempered.

更新: 2月12日 @ 22時05分

Overhauled the Black Sword's model. Most of the UVs have been redone, and the model itself has undergone a bit of reshaping as wel, mainly with the addition of 3d patternwork on the ricasso

Along with the overhauled model comes new textures! Things are a bit more detailed and slicker now. The scabbard's been revised as well and given a more simplistic, stark look (save for the ankh).

The death effect is now scriptless

The rain of fire ability has been changed to a "ring" of fire, basically a large-radius Flame Cloak. This ring of fire was what it was supposed to do, and ideally I'd have it create a ring of fire hazard around you, but I felt that'd be kind of complex to pull off.

The amount of blackrock needed for the sword has been reduced to 5, and steel is now a part of the crafting and tempering recipes (since the Black Sword's blade is metal, not blackrock). The sword is also classified as Ebony so it can be tempered full-tilt.

Adjusted the soul gem model so it lays flat if dropped.

Redid the textures for the blackrock "ore".

更新: 2014年1月7日 @ 11時27分

Blackrock now has a new custom model and texture.

Blackrock leveling has been adjusted again, hopefully for good this time. Blackrock is somewhat rare on Falmer, Dwarven Spiders and Centurions, but has a better chance of showing up in those (though it's still more likely on Dwarven spiders and centurions). However, there's a much greater chance of it showing up in Dwarven boss chests. You now, also, have a small chance of getting it out of ore veins.

Rain of Fire ability has been adjusted again. Now rather than using the meteor-style impact, it explodes like a fireball.

更新: 2013年5月4日 @ 12時15分

Designated a modified instant death script for the Black Sword, as well as tweaking the soul trap and rain of fire abilities.

更新: 2013年4月24日 @ 17時37分

Fixed a rather icky bug where, if you tried to use the filled Black Sword soulgem to recharge your enchanted items, it'd cause the game to crash. I unfortunately had to cut the filled version of the soul gem, so now instead of being glowy when filled, the gem is glowy empty or full.

更新: 2013年4月23日 @ 12時23分

Adjusts blackrock leveling a bit more. Now has a chance to be found on Centurions as well as in dwarven boss chests. Keep your peepers peeled!

更新: 2013年4月23日 @ 12時05分

Fixed the issue where having more than one piece of blackrock would hide the sword in the forge list, making both versions of the Unbalanced Black Sword impossible to craft.

更新: 2013年4月19日 @ 10時33分

Tweaked the leveling of blackrock again. It has a higher chance of showing up on Dwarven Spiders now, and a better chance of showing up on Falmer as well, but still not as frequent as on Dwarven Spiders. I won't be making it any more common than this, so just keep at those spoiders and Falmer

更新: 2013年4月16日 @ 21時46分

Adjusted blackrock leveling, so it should a bit easier to find in Dwarven Spiders. It can also be found on Falmer now, but it has a far lesser chance of showing up on them.

更新: 2013年4月14日 @ 15時52分