The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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업데이트: 2013년 4월 20일 @ 오후 12시 36분

- Lacking perks in a skill no longer causes you to advance half as quickly. (This didn't produce the expected behavior with skill books; reading two skill books for a skill initially at 0% progress to the next level would bring you to 100% progress, but not grant the next level. Reading a third book would then give you the next level and bring you to 100% progress toward the level after, without granting you that level. I tested many different advancement rates, but all rates between 0% and 100% had some form of this bug.)

업데이트: 2013년 4월 18일 @ 오전 9시 10분

- Fixed the training bug (from the vanilla game, but exacerbated by this mod's faster skill advancement) where training had no benefit if you were 0% from the next level in a skill. (If you have a stone effect that halts advancement in a skill, it still will not benefit from training or quest-specific skill increases.)
- AVAlchemy, AVAlteration, etc. are no longer altered by this mod, enabling compatibility with other mods (e.g. that alter perk trees).

업데이트: 2013년 4월 15일 @ 오후 10시 33분

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