The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Improved Potion Animation
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업데이트: 2013년 5월 4일 @ 오전 10시 07분

No functional changes in the past few updates.

- Comments in the script have been edited for clarity and brevity. Those wishing to improve on or learn from the script should find it easier to understand.

- The new mod image should be a somewhat clearer illustration of the mod's function.

업데이트: 2013년 5월 4일 @ 오전 9시 53분

업데이트: 2013년 5월 3일 @ 오전 10시 17분

업데이트: 2013년 4월 20일 @ 오후 8시 17분

업데이트: 2013년 4월 20일 @ 오전 12시 20분

- Drinking no longer forces you out of the inventory, but rather queues animations to play when you return to normal gameplay.

(This was the best solution for an issue where the player could drink unlimited potions while in a container menu and then only go through one drinking animation. Also, this is less jarring to the player than pulling him out of the menu, since he retains control of when real-time gameplay resumes.)

업데이트: 2013년 4월 18일 @ 오후 7시 47분

- You can now disable animations for beverages with the console command "set AnimateBeverages to 0" and re-enable them with "set AnimateBeverages to 1". Animations play for potions with either setting.

업데이트: 2013년 4월 18일 @ 오전 10시 50분

- Beverages are no longer edited directly by the mod, but rather stored in a form list. This means the mod should once again be compatible with other mods that change food and drink effects.

업데이트: 2013년 4월 17일 @ 오후 1시 17분

- Beverages now play the drinking animation, with the exception of quest items. I had to edit the individual items to make this happen. Thus, if you have a mod that alters beverage effects, there will be some incompatibility. If you care more about the modified beverage effects, place that mod below this in the load order. If you care more about the beverage drinking animations, place that mod above this in the load order. Either way, your potion-drinking will still be animated.
- The White Phial now plays the drinking animation. If you have one in inventory when you enable or update the mod, it may not play the first time you use it.

업데이트: 2013년 4월 16일 @ 오후 1시 55분

- Drinking Cure Poison potions is now animated.

업데이트: 2013년 4월 16일 @ 오전 11시 45분

- The script no longer bugs out when you drink a potion while ragdolling or drink a potion with a Paralysis side effect. If it takes more than about 10 seconds for you to stop ragdolling, the drinking animation will be skipped.