Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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更新于:2016年9月14日 下午12:47

After years here is a new update:

-a little bit of optimisation (changed a lot of unseen textures to nodraw)
-rebuild the CPU fan to fix the strange shadows on it
-fixed the reflections on all surfaces
-corrected the radar (it had a missing corner, near the GPU slot)
-fixed the the flying sparks on the bombsites after the explosion
-recompiled the map with the highest quality for better shadows on props

I think that's all. Have a nice day!

If you see any bug on the map, please report it to me :)

更新于:2013年4月15日 上午10:35

-added a new radar
-corrected the A and B bombsite letters
-added demolition mode

更新于:2013年3月24日 上午10:21