Portal 2
Wheatley's Detour - V2
1-3/3개 항목을 표시 중
업데이트: 2013년 4월 6일 @ 오후 12시 16분

- Wheatley loves it when his facility is featured in videos. You know what he also likes? When thos videos show him something that he never noticed before! So he put a little room near the bottom of the map - good luck!
- Did a -full compile. Things may be bright, I'm split on how it looks right now.
- Wheatley is animated and PotatOS lights up! And subtitles.
- Added some catwalks
- Emergency Prediction Protocol initiated

업데이트: 2013년 3월 3일 @ 오전 11시 12분

업데이트: 2013년 2월 24일 @ 오후 5시 35분