When Vampires Attack
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Mis à jour le : 19 mar à 13h09

Version 2.0.5

Corrected a bad alias check in the MCM menu.

Mis à jour le : 26 fév à 21h54

Version 2.0.4

Added MCM menu to make turning on the script debugging easier.

Mis à jour le : 2 août 2014 à 15h58

Version 2.0.3

It was possible for dead or deleted vampires to trigger the combat detection routine. Papyrus can be really dumb.

Mis à jour le : 25 juil 2014 à 17h58

Mis à jour le : 25 juil 2014 à 0h05

Version 2.0.2

Added console debug option to enable log output needed for troubleshooting.

Mis à jour le : 7 juil 2014 à 0h17

Version 2.0.1

No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (MS02) has been added to the list of quest exemptions in Markarth.

Mis à jour le : 22 mai 2014 à 20h10

Version 2.0

Complete system overhaul borrowing heavily from the new code that powers Run For Your Lives. This became necessary in order to avoid a major conflict with new logic added by the UDGP to block vampire attacks when certain quests are running. The updated code consolidates the 7 attack handlers down to one quest, eliminating many redundant scripts, quests, and AI packs.
Synchronized necessary changes from UDGP 2.0.4.
If the protection quest is unable to start after 60 seconds, the mod will terminate the vampire attack rather than allowing it to proceed.
All edits to Dawnguard quest records have been removed. Affected quests and scripts will return to their original states.

Mis à jour le : 22 mai 2014 à 20h09

Mis à jour le : 22 mai 2014 à 20h09

Mis à jour le : 9 mai 2014 à 21h16

Version 1.1.2

Added a condition check to the aliases to make sure they only fill with unique actors. This should eliminate accidentally picking up nearby hunters or other leveled list NPCs that shouldn't be getting dragged in.
The check for child location status of an NPC's editor location was backward. This resulted in every NPC in an affected target area trying to cram into the inn instead of going to their houses like they were supposed to.
When a citizen alias is filled, the AI pack will call for them to stop all combat activity prior to sending them to their safe harbor location. This should reduce the number of wannabe heroes.
In the event a citizen STILL decides to play hero, as long as they are protected by essential status, entering bleedout will result in them being instantly healed for up to 75 health so as to avoid a possible scenario where the NPC could die if the vampires were killed while they're bleeding out.