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Disposable Heroes 2: Hunting season
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
17 лис 2016 о 11:18
1 гру 2016 о 3:01

Чи купите ви цю гру, якщо вона буде доступна у Steam?

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It is the Time of the Trials. Welcome to Hunting Season.
Once every ten years, the king announces a competition open to warriors from across the kingdom.

The champion will become the wealthiest in all the kingdom with riches beyond anyone's wildest dreams. The victorious competitor will be rewarded with the largest treasure chest ever seen by man or beast.

Contestants must do battle - not only to triumph over bloodthirsty enemies of all scary shapes and terrifying sizes; not only to survive dangerous traps and deadly machines - but to claim the prize they must also beat each other...

Yet beware, for peril lies in wait around every corner, and danger lurks at every turn. Throughout all of history it is written deep into the legend of the land that no one has ever survived the Trials. Will this be the year that one warrior emerges victorious?

The challenge has been set. The gauntlet has been thrown down. It's Hunting Season.

This game can be played alone or with 3 other people.
Help each other through the stages that are filled with traps and merciless enemies.
With only one life you will sometimes need another player's help but the main goal of the game is to get through all the stages and end up with the most loot. killing other players might sometimes seem a better option than to stick around and help each other out. it's all up to you!

As long as 1 player finishes the stage everybody will continue to the next.
At the end when you finished all the stages the champion with the most loot will win the game!

There are 24 characters in the game all with their own unique abilities and weapons.
Each player can choose from 6 different warriors,some use magic others use melee weapons.
A character also has special ability like throwing dynamite or become invisible or teleport.

You can use a Roll action to avoid traps or enemies. or simply get out of a bogus situation.
All players carry a shovel which they can use to dig up cool stuff like weapons, hats,cool glases and ofcourse loot.

Use the collected loot you find during the game to buy awesome upgrades for your character/weapons. You will grow much more stronger when you spend all that hard earned gold.

Game can only be playerd with controllers, (Xbox360/Xbox one/Ps4/Ps3/3rd party)

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Retrosteve24 [NSN] 15 січ о 1:58 
ronnoc 1 гру 2016 о 1:37 
GG - Voted
DeadsyDoll 28 лис 2016 о 17:29 
I loved the first one and I cannot wait to play the sequel! It felt so good to finally beat the game!
(rip Gabe the dog) 23 лис 2016 о 8:42 
who did the art
frecramu 22 лис 2016 о 16:18 
love it
(rip Gabe the dog) 22 лис 2016 о 12:43 
G40.GRENINJA 18 лис 2016 о 14:48 
Si. Lo compartiria
FerrousBueller 18 лис 2016 о 8:10 
Gameplay looks very clunky. No thanks.
Evilized  [автор] 18 лис 2016 о 1:22 
I am not using any services but a vote would be nice. Would mean alot.
skull_trumpet.gif 17 лис 2016 о 18:24 
You could have ended the title after the first word. DIshwalla's presence also tells me you are using a vote-boosting service.