Garry's Mod
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Watch videos with friends.

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Remember sitting down on a lazy afternoon with your friends, drinking a cup of hot cocoa and watching a movie? pixelTail Games does. It's a magical bonding experience between people, a timeless ritual that not many are able to do with some of their friends. After all, you've got one friend all the way over in Canada, another stuck in the middle of Belgium, heck even that guy from Swaziland. How on earth will you get them all together to watch your favorite episode of Sonic X? That would cost a lot a king's ransom! And you're hardly Viscount of Saline now are you? You might not even qualify for the title of Minister of Equine Destruction.

Well stop cryin, ya big baby! We've got you covered. With Cinema you can watch internet videos with your friends from the comfort of a virtual theater! How ace is that? Settle down to watch the latest action flick, catch up on the latest adventure time together, challenge each other to get through your favorite horror show! First one to leave the room is a chicken!

Now you might be asking "Wow where do I sign up?" well please re-button your lapels, it's as easy as downloading a free thing on the internet, BECAUSE IT'S FREE! All you need is the base game of Garry's Mod and you are good to go! No other games required. Not even Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

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Donate on PayPal[] or send Bitcoin to 1KzRuMJTQqbLN3EetoUWAB2jPijc1U2uEG

The NPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player[] is required for Twitch playback. Mac OS X is not supported by the Media Player addon due to technical limitations[].

  • Synchronized video playback
  • Support for YouTube, Twitch.TV, Vimeo, Viooz, Justin.TV, Livestream, and Blip
  • Available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, and Italian (and more to come)
  • Intuitive video request system
  • Persistant video history
  • Private theater owner controls
  • Theater previews outside of theaters
  • Useable seats
  • Support for additional maps
  • Open source
Supported Maps

Official Website[]
Installation Instructions[]
Source Code via GitHub[]
Facepunch Thread[]
Mapping Tutorial

Looking for Sandbox support?
Try the Media Player addon created by the same developers as Cinema!

HAVE A QUESTION? Click to read the FAQ
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19 лис о 13:16
ЗАКРІПЛЕНО: Suggestions/Bugs
10 вер о 17:48
Can you change to HTML 5 instead of crappy flash?
You just got litt up!
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Коментарів: 1,427
Arseny_Naprienko 10 гру о 3:39 
ERROR Props...
Neon 9 гру о 4:22 
amına kodumm
Salsicha Perdigão 5 гру о 20:23 
when you enter the door, they have a little animation, can you make a separed mod for the doors pls?
Chill 27 лис о 6:13 
Ugh mac users has so much disadvantages when it comes to games...
✪ Varsityy 23 лис о 8:38 
to all of you not getting those doors after installing flash player, change your gamemode on the corner right hand side and choose cinema
munches the earth 21 лис о 11:29 
is this a map?
tflo48 19 лис о 13:11 
It wont work the doors wont apear ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
franek1512 19 лис о 8:25 
how can i make the tv bigger from the media player mod?
franek1512 19 лис о 8:16 
oh i need the media oplayer lol *player
franek1512 19 лис о 8:01 
how do i watch stuff?