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[DPS] East Coast Mainline - North East
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10 มิ.ย. 2014 @ 9:51am
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[DPS] East Coast Mainline - North East

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This route requires the ownership of both the original East Coast Main Line and Great Eastern Main Line (GEML) to run.

As a modernisation of the original East Coast Main Line route, this version also now includes additional extensions to Heaton Depot, and the line from Darlington to Middlesbrough as well as a complete overhaul of the original line. This workshop version of the route is now finalised and will no longer be updated.

An updated version of the route on the DPSimulation website now includes many bespoke custom objects, additional scenery improvements and further extensions. It also now has a fully updated Quick Drive system containing over 60 custom blueprints. This updated version can be downloaded from

IMPORTANT: Troubleshooting:

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jaybry826 25 พ.ย. @ 4:19pm 
when i go to load the route it is completely empty any help ?
TheLeftyBird 18 พ.ย. @ 2:12am 
15% on those 37s is release that is the way the break works.
Derek57 17 พ.ย. @ 8:52pm 
in the first introduction run in career Norwich to GT Yarmouth Class 37-405 Blue APWL. when i pull the brake off in returns back to 15% and wont go off.:steam. sad:
DPSimulation  [ผู้สร้าง] 16 พ.ย. @ 3:56am 
That won't be anything to do with the route Derek.
Derek57 16 พ.ย. @ 2:38am 
cant get one of the brakes off to get the train moving
Jack_skeldon_42 6 ต.ค. @ 12:18pm 
love youre work dps simulation better graphics
DPSimulation  [ผู้สร้าง] 6 ต.ค. @ 12:14pm 
No problem, just make sure to credit the original route in the description etc.
Kime 6 ต.ค. @ 11:43am 
To DPS : Would you mind if I publish a copy of this route with the Middlesbrough branch electrified ?
TheLeftyBird 24 ส.ค. @ 11:44am 
I pirated my own work once
Jack_skeldon_42 24 ส.ค. @ 9:43am 
Ok just had to be sure mate