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Band of Defenders
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Building in Band of Defenders
Fecha de lanzamiento: Q4 2017/Q1 2018

                                            Unique mix of coop FPS and TD building game

Band of Defenders is upcoming modern coop FPS with tower defense elements set in a world destroyed by nuclear holocaust. You are member of elite mercenary group that fights hordes of bandits and mutants that are the biggest threat to recovery of human civilization.

Band of Defenders is game that won't throw any obstacles in the way of your experience. Immerse yourself into game and defeat hordes of enemies - alone or with help of your fellow mercenaries. You will have to protect objects that are crucial for survival of human civilization that is slowly and painfully recovering from nuclear apocalypse. Last gas station in the vast desert between struggling human settlements, path to the last drinking water reservoir in whole country, it doesn't matter - enemies will not pass or your mission fails. But you won't go into fight empty handed, with many weapons, traps and other useful items at your disposal.
  • Modern FPS gameplay
  • 60+ weapons
  • Each game will take only 15-30 minutes in most cases
  • Classic and futuristic guns, mines, grenades and even bear traps!
  • Medkits - no autoheal
  • Different weapons effective for different situations and enemies
  • Hordes of enemies that will try to not only overhelm you with numbers but also find and exploit your weakness
  • Many maps with different visuals and gameplay tactics

After killing waves of enemies, you and your party will have time to prepare for another one, not only by acquiring new weapons but also by building barricades and turrets of many different types. These structures will be crucial for your survival and for defending the object which you have to protect. Build, repair, upgrade and refill ammo in the short time between enemy attacks and prepare the best possible defense together with other players.
  • 5+ barricade types
  • 5+ turret types with different strenghts and weaknesses and different targeting priorities
  • 9 upgrade levels for each turret and barricade type
  • Fight, build, repair, upgrade and refill ammo - you will never leave comfort of intuitive first person view
  • Protect an object of strategic importance
  • Massacre enemies together with your friends and your defensive structures

                                                        First 3 levels of burst turret type

Man cannot live by fighting alone. We know that so as you win games and level-up, you will unlock better weapons, higher-tier structures and also visual items that will be used for customizing your character(s). Plenty of weapons, structures, characters, hats and other items to unlock and choose from will make sure that you will enjoy time spent in battles as much as your returns to your base.
  • Level-up to unlock more and better gear
  • Win games to obtain items for visual customization of your character
  • Choose any of characters, its clothes, headgear, face accessories, armor parts and knife skin

War, war never cha... Well, it does change. It gets more and more destructive until the moment when there is no one left to fight, or live. Nuclear holocaust decimated human population and most of the survivors returned to more primitive ways of living, attacking already quite endangered remnants of human civilization. Lead by savage mutants worshiping the Cult of Gore, these numerous groups of enemies of reason and culture are constantly threatening recovery of our civilization.
You shine as a beacon of hope for everyone. Or at least everyone who can afford your services. It's not greed, but everyone needs help and Band of Defenders cannot save everyone so why not focus on those who can pay and make your unit more effecient and operational?
  • World destroyed by nuclear apocalypse
  • Your group of mercenaries is the last protection of decent (and propertied) people
  • Defend strategic objects and drive mutant and savages back to their holes full of radiation
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71 comentarios
DRAKON hace 2 horas 
want to test it
dug_it_up 15 JUL a las 19:05 
bet i could talk my friends into playing the hell outta that.
Pisstepank 8 JUL a las 14:56 
I'm interested in the concept, but the gunplay seems a bit unsatisfying. The weapon feeeling, reloads anims, recoil anims and overall way the weapon is acting looks a bit weird to me. Especially for that assault rifle. I hope you will polish that, because in my opinion, in a Fps the first thing that pops in your face is the weapon. So if the animations are not good, and the weapons does not feels nice to use, then it's a no for me. Otherwise the Models looks really nice. i'll follow this game, i hope you the best luck for your project. Please bring us a nice and pleasing Fps experience within a tower defence!
PowerTrooper1 8 JUL a las 13:12 
hell yeah!
Not Gay Tent 7 JUL a las 7:09 
two words, Killing Room. And have a nice day
mightykittyking 5 JUL a las 19:49 
awsome when will it come
TCSgaming 2 JUL a las 7:44 
Looks cool!
Camo Rowe 30 JUN a las 9:36 
Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it.
That's Nuts 30 JUN a las 7:45 
Looks great!
xXxHotBonzaixXx 19 JUN a las 13:01