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Sausage Sports Club
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
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8 AGO 2016 a las 8:47
27 DIC 2016 a las 20:31

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Sausage Sports Club blows past 50% on Kickstarter after some great press and videos go live
Sausage Sports Club is on Kickstarter now! Almost at 40% after only 4 days :)

Sausage Sports Club is a sausage-themed physics game about long-necked animals competing in sports games! In the universe of the game, SSC is a global smash-hit TV show where animals compete in sports games to decide how the world's problems should be solved.

The game's focus is multiplayer, where up to 8 players can play tons of different sports games, customize their characters and unlock modes, levels, characters, skins and hats. In addition to multiplayer, the game will also have a single player/co-op mode where you can test your skills against AI.

SAUSAGE SPORTS CLUB IS NOW ON KICKSTARTER: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chriswade/sausage-sports-club

https://twitter.com/chriswade__ (Chris's personal twitter)

Sausage Sports Club is a collections of sports games based on the same core mechanics. You play as a long-necked animal and run, jump, dash and slam your way to victory.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

Sausage Sports Club is a 3D platformer with a few extra ingredients. The controls (which are used across all the modes) feel similar to other games in the same genre which makes it easy for new players to pick up quickly. On top of the basic platformer movement and Mario-style ground pound, Sausage Sports Club adds a dash. Dashing is where high-skilled play and mind games come in. They're used offensively to knock other players around or defensively to knock soccer balls away from your goal.

Same Mechanics, Different Modes

Right now the game has 5 game modes:
Soccer - Get the ball into the other team's goal
Capture the Flag - Bring the other team's flag to your home base
Sumo - Knock other players onto spikes without falling in yourself
Coinz - Bash players to steal their coins, then richest player wins
Paint - Paint the map your color with your face or the ball

A big design goal for the game is for all the modes well balanced fun. After playtesting the game at a few conventions, there's no clear fan favorite (mine is Soccer at the moment), so I'm hopeful. Before release I plan to add at least 5 more modes and hopefully many more than that.

Express Yourself!

Player expression is a big part of the game. Players can pick their character, skin and hat before playing. There will be 15ish characters with 2-4 skins each and at least 50 hats in the final game! Once in the game, there's a whole new axis to express yourself: Head swinging. Head swinging has lots of uses in the game from knocking around soccer balls to avoiding dashes to shoving players (if you have the right powerup). Of course, you can also use your head to dance, wave, helicopter or any other polite or impolite gesture you can think of.


Watch Sausage Sports Club live every night on Twitch from 7-9pm CST

Sausage Sports Club is one of those games that's meant to be played with friends. But it's not finished yet. Still, I want to give everyone a chance to try out the game with their friends. To that end, I'll be running a Playable Trailer live on Twitch every night of the Kickstarter.

Check it out on Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/sausagesportsclub

What is a Playable Trailer?

Every night of the Kickstarter, I'll be streaming Sausage Sports Club bot matches on Twitch and letting the chat decide what happens. You decide what matches get played: Corgi-Soccer? Cheese-Hat-Capture-The-Flag? It's up to you! In addition to deciding the conditions and competitors in each match, player/viewers will also get to bet digital currency on the matches. You can also alter the outcome of the match with chat commands that stun or powerup players!

At the end of the campaign, the 10 viewers with the most currency will earn rewards just like the backers:
- Top 10 audience members get a digital copy of the game.
- Top 5 audience members get a Sausage Sports Club T-shirt.
- Top #1 audience member gets to help me design a playable character that will ship with the final game.

Development Streams

In addition to the nightly bot match streams, I'll also be live-streaming development of the game on the same twitch channel for a few hours once a week. Throughout the campaign, I plan to do streams showing my process for building characters, customizations, arenas and game modes!
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89 comentarios
cjacobwade  [autor] 17 NOV 2016 a las 9:14 
@NinjaPizzaCat No official date announced yet, but defniitely 2017!
NinjaPizzaCat 10 NOV 2016 a las 20:31 
When will this game be released? Are there any planned release date?
Doc 30 OCT 2016 a las 10:20 
yeah!!! i really want this game now!!
cjacobwade  [autor] 29 OCT 2016 a las 18:32 
@Pilot strike, Omnibus IS going to be a character! I'm friends with the devs and made that character to commemorate their launch day.
Doc 27 OCT 2016 a las 15:34 
i saw omnibus is he going to be a character? plz let him be one!!
Мясник 18 SEP 2016 a las 7:30 
Hello, I would like to offer you the translation of the game into Russian language, if you are interested, send me an email mannegreim0@gmail.com.
becquero 14 SEP 2016 a las 23:24 
them CowChop boys did a good job at promoting your game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
토끼는목이길어 12 SEP 2016 a las 7:03 
really want a key!
cjacobwade  [autor] 7 SEP 2016 a las 14:29 
@Cat awesome, thanks! The game will cost $15 at launch, yes.
Doggo 3 SEP 2016 a las 11:07 
a realy good and funny game i saw Scythe Plays play this game and i laughed so hard highly recomend it 10/10 and also the game costs money?