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Long War Toolbox
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Long War Toolbox

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By Pavonis Interactive

A set of extensions and configurable options for XCom 2, including:

* Fully supported squads of up to 12 soldiers
* Not Created Equally (Randomized initial stats)
* Hidden Potential (Randomized level-up stats)
* Red Fog (wounds cause stat losses),
* Damage Roulette (wider range of damage from weapons).

All options are visible in a new OPTIONS menu that appears after you start a new campaign, either following the tutorial or during Gatecrasher. The effects can be toggled during gameplay.

This also includes a mechanism for modders to add additional options menus. See the readme for details.

To play:

Check the LW_Toolbox mod in the launcher.

Full description:

The automatic changes this mod makes includes several options to the squad select UI. They are:

CLEAR SQUAD: Removes all soldiers from the squad.

AUTOFILL SQUAD: Automatically fills any empty squad slots with the highest-ranking available soldier.
In addition, the soldier list UI has been reworked to display soldier stats.

All additional options may be selected in the Toolbox tab in the Options menu (typically accessed by hitting the Escape key). After starting a campaign, open the escape menu, select EDIT OPTIONS; then select the LW TOOLBOX option. NOTE: These options will not be present in the shell, only in campaigns.

The options are:

SET CAMERA ROTATION (degrees): This allows the player to control the increment by which the camera rotates using the rotate buttons and any associated hotkeys.

SELECT DEFAULT SQUADSIZE: This allows the player to set the maximum number of soldiers who can be in a squad. Guerrilla Tactics School bonuses, once completed, will be added to this number. The UI and mission deployment code will will now support up to 12-soldier squads. NOTE: The mod does not balance around any increased squad sizes selected by the player.

DAMAGE ROULETTE: This allows the player to modify the randomness of all weapon damage (alien and XCOM) in the game by a common percentage. Off means the game will use baseline mechanics. The 25% setting means that damage with vary by +/- 25% of the weapon's base damage. This will override any weapon-specific ini settings.

NOT CREATED EQUALLY: This subjects all soldiers to a process that randomizes their initial stats (via a random series of configurable “trades” of stats). This takes effect immediately (even mid-mission). Turning it off reverts soldiers to base stats. The soldiers randomized stats are remembered, so successive turning on and off is not an exploit. This option may be used in the Avenger at any time, or during the first turn of a tactical mission, presuming no one has been wounded. (In addition to creating an easy exploit, toggling a soldier's stats in a mission could kill that solder if they are wounded and trade away some of their hit points.)

HIDDEN POTENTIAL: This randomizes stats when soldiers level-up. Note: Easter Egg special soldiers will not have randomized stats from leveling up.

RED FOG: This enables an option in which wounds affect the stats offense, mobility, hacking and will stats. The player selects who RED FOG affects – XCOM, aliens, both, or none. A few aliens (set in LW_Toolbox.ini) are immune to this, because it would render them ineffective.
USE LINEAR RED FOG PENALTIES (INSTEAD OF QUADRATIC): The default functionality of Red Fog applies penalties in a fashion that light wounds cause very small penalties, while heavy wounds cause much larger ones. A linear application means that the effect isn’t as pronounced – a light/moderate wound causes a greater penalty than the same wound in the quadratic formula.

ALLOW COMBAT AUTO-RESOLVE: This will activate a button in the squad select UI that lets the player automatically resolve a tactical combat with the currently selected squad instead of going on a mission. This is a Firaxis-coded debugging tool that we've made available to help modders, or people in a real hurry. It requires using a console command to activate. It is buggy when used with official DLC missions. The command itself is specified in the ingame help text.

Note for Linux / Mac users: Patches to Toolbox are often not backwards compatible. Because vanilla Linux/Mac patches lag behind PC ones, Workshop updates to TB will often cause serious problems until vanilla patches catch up. We recommend you use get the Nexus version of the mod, as all older versions are posted there.

------TROUBLESHOOTING ---------

IF you are have problems with the mod, you should first exit the game and REGENERATE YOUR INI files by deleting all files in \Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\Config. These will be recreated on your next game start. (Additional tip: You can preserve your options settings by NOT deleting XComEngine.ini in this directory.)

XCOM2 Mod Troubleshooting Guide

NOTE: The Alternative Mod Launcher gives incorrect information about our mods. They don't conflict with each other (or themselves).

This mod does not support controllers.

DO NOT LOAD THIS MOD WITH LONG WAR 2. Its features are already incorporated.
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12 nov. 2016 a las 6:41
Longwar Tools configuration not appears anymore to me, I don't know if the mod it's working
1 de ene. a las 21:30
strange graphical glitch when using LW toolbox
2 dic. 2016 a las 2:28
Longwar-> Toolbox malfunctioning in Linux
Linux Guy
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Kernyx hace 7 horas 
Mod stopped working mid game and broke everything ... gg
Black Raven hace 11 horas 
gamebreaking bug for me, when default squad size is 6 the tatical map wont load, when i drop back to 4 it works again... tho really need the 6 default :-(
Kernyx 18 de ene. a las 18:20 
Is this mod compatible with "Improved Camera"?
shadow79 18 de ene. a las 13:24 
Because they are tweaking stuff and getting ready to launch Long War 2 which is a mod that adds all their mods into one massive mod plus a lot more.
RAMBOxCORE 18 de ene. a las 10:13 
Mod was working literraly mins ago and no longer wants to load
dkdltmqhfxm 18 de ene. a las 7:58 
i need 'ShowMeTheSkillsUpdated' please
Zyrrashijn 17 de ene. a las 23:23 
I bet Semper and most others always forget to wipe the config files. The mod works fine for me since the first time i have activated it somewhen in may '16.
suika.shimizu 17 de ene. a las 21:31 
my option disappeared too, it worked few hours ago
Master Roshi ._. 17 de ene. a las 16:39 
The mod works just fine
Semper Fidelis Draconis 17 de ene. a las 16:07 
Uninstalled Game & all mods. Reinstalled fresh. Only installed LW tool box. It did not show up. The Mod is broken.