Wanted Warehouse (Saxxy Awards Entry 2014)

您喜欢该视频吗? (类别:Action, Drama)

"Hey there! Here's my entry for the Saxxy Awards 2014.

Script, map, animation, lights and editing (and the wanted poster) is made by Andy Thybo

If you want the best quality, I would suggest you watch this in 1080p. (Please do on all the saxxy videos if possible, it'll give you the best experience!)

A BIG thanks to Jeffrey Brice (Pumodi) who did the music for this video, he is an amazing composer! -
His website: jeffbricemusic.com
Seriously, go check out his stuff!

Created with Source Filmmaker"
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104 条留言
Pimparoo™ 2014年10月1日下午3:57 
Sweet, grats on that!
Andy Thybo  [作者] 2014年10月1日下午3:57 
Well I helped with Rivalry Rush, so I actually won Best Action this year with my team. c:
Pimparoo™ 2014年10月1日下午3:39 
Oh ok, fair enough. Shame though, this was one of my favourite entries this year. Hopefully you make something good for next year :)
Andy Thybo  [作者] 2014年10月1日上午6:41 
didn't fit in*
Andy Thybo  [作者] 2014年10月1日上午6:40 
@Hayden it wasn't disqualified, it just didn't fin in any. Also it would be really strange to win "Best Five-Minutes-EXACTLY piece" if it were one second too late. :p
Pimparoo™ 2014年10月1日上午2:25 
@TheDolphin This actually was disqualified for being too long... he won "Best Five-Minutes-Exactly Piece" though.
Demon Cleaner 2014年9月30日下午2:12 
Nicely done! Deserves a nomination.
Dolphino 2014年9月30日上午4:34 
This video goes for 5:01 DISQUALIFIED!!!111 (joke)
StuntMonkey 2014年9月29日下午8:45 
Natman DCCXVII™ 2014年9月29日下午7:32 
loved it