Animation vs. Animator (Saxxy 2014 - Winner of Best Overall)

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"Something happened that I never in my wildest imagination would expect: I won Best Overall. I am completely stunned by this fact, because there are several others who I personally think deserved this title a lot more than I did. (Ex. The Jewel Escapade, Rivalry Rush, etc, go watch them.) There's nothing I can do about this though, so I just have to accept it. Looking away from this, I would like to thank everyone who supported this video and helped me reach the finalists, and thanks for all the compliments!

After countless of hours have been poured into this project, it's finally completed. It is, by far, the longest and most time consuming animation project I've done so far, and is sort of a sequel to a video I made earlier: "The Power of the console" It's what I based this video on, where I explored the idea of having a direct relationship between the animator and the animation, and breaking the boundaries between them. You asked for a series, but I made this instead. I hope this turned out entertaining and gave you a good laugh.

Music used in this video:

Jazzy Frenchy - Composed and performed by Bensound (
Royalty Free Music licenced under Creative Commons:

Run Amok - By Kevin MacLeod (
Royalty Free Music licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Models used in this video:

Scout enhanced
By Rebecca "Rebbacus" Pursley and Maxime "MaxOfS2D" Lebled and

Resizeable Texture Panels
By jimbomcb

The entire room and its contents was constructed using props from Valve games, and jimbomcb's panels allowed me to create the walls, ceiling and floor.

I did all the animation, scenework, storywriting, sound editing, lightning, and particle effects myself."
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heavy 1st RED
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lol funny and great video
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me gusto
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Great animation keep up the gud work m8
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1000000000000000000000\10! SFM + Sony Vegas! GOOD!
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heavy love kick scout balls
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10/10 i like it
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cool I guess 10/15
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He is so mean