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PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale is a fast paced, last man standing match, with one chance to win.

Inspired by the book/movie ‘Battle Royale’, it provides a unique game-play experience and provides an intense, always changing game for the player.

The rules are simple. There can be only one winner.

Everyone else must die!


1. Subscribe to the mod using the button below
2. Restart Steam and wait for the mod to download.
3. Start the game with the Arma Launcher to sync the updated mod on your client.
4. Head over to our Arma 3 server list and find a game!

Build your Rank, and track your matches on our leader-board

If you have having problems getting the mod to work, head over to our Discord community server and we'll do our best to help!

You can also check our Install FAQ:

PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale Change-log:
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21 мая в 15:46
What are some important things to know for new players?
20 мая в 5:56
"Admin ban"
♤Élite Marksman
29 апр в 6:31
Собираю русское-любительское пати!
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.yerts 10 ч. назад 
Why is this not fun?
GSCsniper 21 ч. назад 
Muito foda!
VoiD 27 мая в 16:27 
Anyone who is down to play this with me add me on steam
CECTPAYTKYMHE 22 мая в 9:21 
Почему так мало людей в нее играет, это не справедливо(
Dreagast 21 мая в 22:39 
I love Player Unkown's new game "Battle Grounds" awsome.
Xd 21 мая в 8:54 
where is the changelog for
AtlanticStormTV 18 мая в 13:30 
Here is the serverlist for those of you who don't know how to connect
D4nyi 16 мая в 14:08 
Can't understand the hype. went to server, 20min waiting before even players joined, was released out of plane together with other ones..landed on ground - instakilled by someone who already was at ground..waste of time..why are these trash mods only ones popular?
MandraX1337 15 мая в 0:06 
@[SM] Devilsix published in 2015 but k
C_Johns_17 13 мая в 22:46 
A big set of bongos. Like seriously really big bongos. Huge.