ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition

ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition

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How to setup graphics via *ini file [for noobs]
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Well, this game has no any advanced video settings to change, players should setup it manually via *ini file or videodriver profile. It's not a clear or specific manual, it's just a way to do-it-good-in-one-minute.
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First and final steps are here

As a cute redhead says, let's try to do something!

1. First of all you should download and run this game, also you can change your screen resolution settings in the menu, then apply and save your config.

2. Close the game, go to the following folder
For Windows 8.1 - Vista:
drive:\Users\<username>\Documents\my games\UnrealEngine3\MonkeyGame\Config

For Windows XP:
drive:\Users\<username>\My Documents\my games\UnrealEngine3\MonkeyGame\Config
(AFAIK lol, i'm out the XP about 6 years ago)

3. Backup and open MonkeyEngine.ini file.
Here we go:
  • MaxSmoothedFrameRate=62 to 60.
  • UseVsync=FALSE to True
  • MaxAnisotropy=4 to 16
  • MaxMultisamples=1 to 16

Save and test these settings. If you are experiencing some fps lags, try to apply next change:
  • bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE to FALSE
4. If your game still looks terrible (like this)

go to your videodriver settings and change settings manually for the best quality, of course. It should look like this (sorry for another place on the screenshot)

5. Additional settings:
For someone who hates motion blur effect, you're able to disable it too:
  • MotionBlur=True to False
  • MotionBlurPause=True to False

These options may ruin your perfomance, so be careful!
  • DetailMode=2 to 5 (force blur, so be sure that you want it)
  • ShadowFilterRadius=2 to 5
  • MinShadowResolution=32 to 64 or 128
  • MaxShadowResolution=512 to 2048 or 4096

Remember next things:
  • AllowD3D10=False to True is absolutely useless, activating bad perfomance on some rigs with no better graphics.
  • bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=False (and default) is going to use your GPU, True - CPU.

6. Experimental settings, somebody tells me that it helps to fix freezes after the cutscenes, so i need more results.
  • DisableATITextureFilterOptimizationChecks=True to False
  • UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=True to False
Warning: there are no 100% way to fix texture streaming lags, but if someone finds it, manual will be updated.

Based on the UnrealEngine 3 config manuals, confirmed with Whitecloak, Anatomy, torra, CM Punk, /AoV/Shark, etc.
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skounce 27 мар. 2017 в 12:22 
As well as Depth Of Field, actually
skounce 27 мар. 2017 в 12:21 
Guys, if someone could help me turn off the awful and absolutely annoying bloom effect, post processing, whatever it's called, I'd really appreciate it and you.
Piotrek, Engineer of Design 2 мар. 2017 в 14:56 
"AllowD3D10=False to True is absolutely useless, activating bad perfomance on some rigs with no better graphics."
No, changing this to True is required for the game's anti-aliasing (MaxMultisamples=1 to 16) to work, otherwise it has no AA at all.
☆lilyth☆ 9 окт. 2016 в 7:59 
mon jeu bug au 2ème chap....pour le pont il peut plus sauter pour continuer la mission...dois-je faire ceci??
Blackbeard_teach 14 мая. 2016 в 3:26 
there is a Setting for "bAllowMature languege" and it's set to False

anything bad might happen if it set to True?
Anomalous Qualia 7 апр. 2015 в 21:12 
Sorry to downvote your guide, but it doesn't seem to work at all. I'll rate it up if you have comparison screenshots though
ArsNG  [автор] 2 сен. 2014 в 1:55 
Maluno 1 сен. 2014 в 15:52 
Was this game patched since you wrote or updated this guide? Because currently there are options for vsync, blur, quality, etc in the options / display menu.

I set everything to max/on, and saved, then when i opened the .ini to make the suggested changes they were already the suggested values, with the exception of MaxSmoothedFrameRate which was still 62.

MinShadowResolution was set at 128 and MaxShadowResolution at 2048 as well (going to try 4096 just cause).
ArsNG  [автор] 23 июл. 2014 в 0:07 
Ok, i've updated this thing in manual, thanks.
Soüp 22 июл. 2014 в 23:57 
DetailMode=5 forces motion blur on, even if you turn that off. I swear it made the game look worse on top of that. It's better to leave it at 2 like the game sets it.