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FWsim Fireworks Simulator
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Genre: Simulation, Music
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German, Japanese
Players: Single-player
Publicado em:
Atualizado em:
24 Dez, 2016 às 9:41
12 Jan, 2017 às 10:35
Data de lançamento: 2018
FWsim Fireworks Simulator
Create your own fireworks, add your favourite music, and create music-synchronous shows. Add real 3D buildings, or import 3D models from the internet.

Thousands of fireworks enthusiasts already use FWsim. They put more than 10,000 videos on YouTube. All the images and videos on this page have been created by actual users.

  • 1,000 different firework effects already included
  • Flexible effects editor: Take simple components and chain them together - just like real fireworks manufacturers do.
  • HD video export with smoke simulation
  • Real sounds, recorded from actual fireworks
  • Realistic simulation: Fireworks Companies in 18 countries use the same simulation engine for planning & visualization
  • Create gigantic shows: FWsim is optimized for performance. All the scenes you see in the trailer can be played on an average gaming PC.

Coming with the Steam release:
  • Improved graphics
  • More realistic smoke simulation
  • Larger 3D worlds
  • Ultra-high quality 4K resolution video export

Download Free Demo:
System Requirements: PC with Windows, 2GB of RAM, and any graphics card released in the last 10 years (onboard graphics not supported).

We hope you will join us in bringing FWsim to Steam!

Lukas, Founder and Developer, http://www.FWsim.com

PRESS KIT[www.fwsim.com]
FREE DEMO[www.fwsim.com]
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164 comentários
dotModded 9 de Mar às 15:10 
If development is going so slow why not open source it? Let the community take a crack at it. I know I would play with the rendering engine quite a bit, maybe add in a full physics engine.
Djespur 25 de Jan às 15:08 
i am really exited!
Samt14 6 de Jan às 9:23 
We are all excited for the new FWsim to come!
Be the one who cares 6 de Jan às 6:11 
pls hurry up <3
Lukas FWsim  [autor] 2 Out, 2017 às 0:26 
Thanks very much for your ongoing support.
Unfortunately, development of the new FWsim version is delayed, and we predict a release no earlier than 2018. We want the Steam version to be really good, which takes a lot of time.

If you want to test the current version of FWsim, you can do that at http://www.FWsim.com .
Thanks again for your support!
Captain Popcorn 30 Set, 2017 às 16:23 
According to one of the staff members at FWSim, "Development has started but is going very slowly."
F V Z S 30 Set, 2017 às 16:07 
its Fall 2017... yea this aint coming ever
DELETE_The_Obsolete 23 Jun, 2017 às 20:20 
It's past Spring 2017, and the creator was online 171 days ago... well this is disappointing...
Miss Smoofey 21 Jun, 2017 às 4:09 
Next week, Planet Coaster has a fireworks update. I'd recommend that instead :elrath:
krazee0 17 Jun, 2017 às 13:30 
Any updates?