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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale
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Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
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17 Mai, 2016 às 6:44
27 Mai, 2016 às 11:25
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Pre-Alpha Patch Notes #1
Dev Update #1 Posted!
Data de lançamento: December 2016

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is an online, competitive, first-person shooter inspired by works such as Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. Drop in. Gear up. Stay alive!

Combining modern FPS action with the scavenging mechanics of popular survival games, Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale will put your wit and grit to the test in an ultimate challenge of gladiatorial might. Drop into massive arenas and fight it out among ninety-nine other bloodthirsty participants to come out on top. The Nyne will only accept one victor. Do you have what it takes?

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale features ranked matches, achievements, cosmetic unlockables, and, most importantly, no pay-to-win features. Your skill alone will determine whether you live or die on the Islands of Nyne.

  • 100 PLAYERS PER MATCH – kill, outrun, or consort your way to victory amongst 99 other players in timed matches that last up to 30 minutes. Match pace is set by a damage-inducing plasma field that is released from the perimeter of the map in stages, funneling players into progressively tighter combat situations.

  • 3 LARGE-SCALE MAPS – designed by a technologically superior alien race, each arena is engineered to provide a unique and obstacle-ridden battlefield for players, designed to reward strategic thinking and tactical decision making.

  • A FULL, COMPETITIVE RANKING SYSTEM – play against others at your skill level and win bigger payouts. Advance in rank, unlock special tier armor and distinguish yourself from the rest as an elite.
    MULTIPLE GAME MODES – not everyone’s a lone wolf. Team up with a friend in Doubles mode or queue up as a team in 5-Man.

  • SKILL-BASED REWARDS – earn rare armor sets, weapon skins, game credits, and more depending on how long you can outlast the competition. Receive bonus items and unlock special achievements for actively engaging others or recording impressive stats.

  • PLAYER BETTING SYSTEM – use in-game credits to place bets on individual players or teams. Think your friend can finish in the top 10? Make things interesting and turn your faith in them into profit... or loss. Spend those hard earned winnings on fancy armor pieces or weapon skin unlocks.

In Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale, you play as a human chosen by the alien race known as the Nyne to fight in the bloodsport of Battle Royale. Alongside ninety-nine other players, you’ll be transported to one of the Nyne’s floating island arenas. There, you’ll need to scavenge for your weapons, ammo, medkits, and armor, all while avoiding falling into the sights of any other Battle Royale participants. Per the Nyne’s sadistic tendencies, only one participant can survive. Hiding is not an option. As the game progresses, you and your enemies will be gradually forced into smaller and smaller zones by the Nyne’s deadly plasma field. If you find yourself outside the plasma field when it activates, you will slowly be vaporized to death.

Players are placed at random over the arena map and dropped in. You'll have limited control over your movements, but with some careful maneuvering, you’ll be able to slightly alter where you land. Some areas will have a higher rate of item spawns; risk it all on these popular areas, or land on the outskirts for a more covert approach.

As soon as you land, you'll have to search nearby landmarks for weapons, ammo, medkits, armor, and vehicles. Spawning locations are randomized in each landmark, so each match is truly a test of strategy and speed rather than memorizing the map. You'll need to find as much as you can to defend yourself from others or venture out and hunt them down.

A few minutes after everyone has touched down, the announcer will begin the countdown for plasma field convergence. The safe zone will be displayed as a green circle on your map; anything inside the circle is safe and everything outside will be slowly vaporized. The safe zones, much like the weapon and item spawn locations, are randomized every match.

The game has an inventory system that limits the amount of weapons and items you can carry, so you’ll need to be selective about the loot you find scattered around the arena. Players you’ve killed will be lootable so you can take their items and assemble your very own weapons and armor stockpile.

The Battle Royale arena is broken down into grids which you’ll be able to view on your map. While your HUD will show you what grid you're in and your compass will show what direction you are facing, you’ll need to use the nearby landmarks to determine your exact location. It is important that you get your bearings quickly, as eventually the encroaching plasma field will kill you if you are not in the safe zone indicated on your map.

The plasma field will release from the corners of the map and close in until it reaches the outer edges of the circular safe zone. Once the plasma field has closed in completely, a new safe zone will be randomly assigned inside the current safe zone. This process will continue until the plasma field encompasses the entire map, leaving only a tiny area for the last few gladiators to fight it out.

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26 de Jan às 3:37
So far only false promises. Where is the release?
3 de Jan às 12:12
Any new updates ?
29 Dez, 2016 às 14:18
How to get prealpha test ?
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NCIS 24 de Fev às 11:55 
thay are optimizing it READ there forum
SEVNRL 20 de Fev às 13:34 
can't wait!
Lufka 27 de Jan às 1:24 
please make it OPTIMISED and better than h1z1 PLEASE
CopperyColt99 25 de Jan às 22:13 
Will there be an open beta???? I really wanna see that
BigB 25 de Jan às 10:54 
just got the 50$ packed.. looks awesome.. please be everything h1z1 should of been. and more :)
Epic47Sides 24 de Jan às 12:23 
Looks good!
Robin 23 de Jan às 5:36 
Is the game coming for steam The 25th?
nmz64 18 de Jan às 10:08 
Project is NOT dead, don't be a fool. You know its not hard to google, or even go to their website for that matter.

stevengamerx 9 de Jan às 20:57 
Closed-PreAlpha is currently live. Closed-Alpha will begin at the very end of January. to keep up to date on Pre-Alpha news, and general game Dev stuff check the IoN twitter

Der Geselle 6 de Jan às 19:03 
This project is dead, the don't talk with the Steam community and on Facebook you don't get new information... in 3-4 month they have only created new Skins, only two new skins... fuck this devs...