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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
6 grudnia 2016 o 10:52
9 stycznia o 10:43
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30,000 Characters On Screen (CPU Threading, Performance Doubled)
Data wydania: Beta available sometime early spring.
The Game:

Here is a sandbox like no other. Create massive battles with absolutely no limits. Want to see 10,000 chickens fight an army of Romans?? Sure, why not. Want to see a company of WW2 U.S soldiers fight 11,000 Medieval soldiers?? There are simply no limits to the carnage you can achieve in Epic Battle Simulator. Mess around with a massive variety of units. Everything from, Roman Centurions, Medieval soldiers, Knights, Orcs, Trolls, and yes, chickens! The main focus in this game is giving the player no restrictions to what he can do. That is why we decided not to limit the amount of units in battle. Want to see what a battle of 100,000 units looks like? We don't recommend going past 10,000 for most machines but its your CPU, do what you want!

The Technology:

Unfortunately there really aren't many engines that you can chuck 10,000 characters in and expect good performance. This is why I worked months on end to create the most powerful crowd rendering system ever conceived in Unity engine. The detail of each character has little effect on performance while each individual acts independently, but is working towards a greater good for his team. But I didn't stop there! With the large open environments, I needed a more dynamic lighting solution than the one built in to Unity engine. So I built my own dynamic global illumination lighting engine. This enables bounce light completely in real time. What does that mean? That means every piece of shiny armor is reflecting it's true surroundings, every bright surfaces illuminates it's surroundings and effects the overall lighting.

Yes I worked hard to bring this game to life, may you all inflict carnage upon it!
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1 godzinę temu
what units would you like to see?
11 lutego o 20:02
希望有中文Hope to have official simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese!
14 lutego o 13:54
Release Date PLEASE
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Godfather, Don HeaD 18 min temu 
Don't worry about performance, this is the very definition of optmization.
Lobo 1 godzinę temu 
This is brilliant. I can already see modders all over creating their own battles with their own favorite video games. I will be waiting for the best modders to create the warhammer saga on this - land and space battles.
President Donald Trump 1 godzinę temu 
Mitch™ 3 godz. temu 
Looks absolutely incredible. Can't wait to play the beta in spring!
Rick Harrison 4 godz. temu 
I don't know really, not that experienced, but about 10 000 characters on screen is quite a heavy load for even quad core CPU's. If that same CPU needs to calculate ragdolls at the same time, I am afraid that the unit cap would have to get reduced.
arthursiebra 4 godz. temu 
Great job!
Is it possible to put ragdoll sistem in the caracters? Would be very interesting o//
But is just a suggestion. Becaus i dont know if it is possible xD
Rick Harrison 4 godz. temu 
I highly doubt a first person mode, but he played as a single character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1WFa83eySk
All aboard the hype train!
carUmad 4 godz. temu 
Very cool, would be nice to see a first person mode
aka-shita 6 godz. temu 
Looks amazing how can i support you ?
Sorzlemort 7 godz. temu 
Do you guys have any plans in the future to release this game to mac?