Engie's nanites (Final/enhanced version) [SFM-Saxxy 2016 submission] (extended catgory)
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"Heeeeeeeeeey! It's the final version! the one I'll submit for the saxxy! Don't worry I won't post any more of them! I can now work on something else!

Btw, I recently pass the 100 subs milestone! Sadly, I didn't prepare or plan anything for that... Sorry!

Also disclaimer, my submission is largly inspired by this:

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Komentarzy: 31
Sandwich SK /mylkman 10 kwietnia o 10:17 
alkohol is win XD
Silent_Sol  [autor] 21 grudnia 2016 o 14:26 
cute cat 21 grudnia 2016 o 14:23 
its perfect vidio men
madscientist31415 18 listopada 2016 o 11:09 
Love the idea and the story. You just a little improvement in the animation Keep at it, I look forward to seeing your next one!
Smithy The Blacksmith 17 listopada 2016 o 21:52 
sorry mate. forgot to vote for this entry. my bad.
ganjeroid 16 listopada 2016 o 14:02 
very nice sir
Capt. of the SS Dumbfuck 14 listopada 2016 o 21:10 
needs just a tad more polish, but otherwise it's pretty good. I like the concept
Browned Buttercane 14 listopada 2016 o 17:51 
Moist McCurd farmskins.com 13 listopada 2016 o 21:10 
net_junkie 13 listopada 2016 o 20:17 
it reminds me of the futurama episode