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Witch Hunt
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Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German, Turkish
Players: Multi-player
23 października 2016 o 14:03
31 maja o 10:54

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Data wydania: Early 2017 (Early Access)


Witch Hunt is a multiplayer hide & seek game. Team up with your friends or other players to play hunters vs. witches. As a witch you mimic props and hide yourself to survive the round.
As a fearless farmer you go prop hunting to hunt down all the suspicious props for the sake of a peaceful town.

Be part of this mystical but also humorous world, where you’ll find charming, peaceful towns of hardworking villagers, mysterious forests and magical witch houses.


Implemented Features

  • Hide & seek experience in a fantastical and charming setting
  • Mimic unique props with physical movement
  • Use a variety of skills (e.g. chicken detector)
  • Interact with props (e.g. switching the flame of a candle on/off)
  • More than forty different props
  • Be the Gouda you always eat

Planned Features
  • Discover various maps (e.g. magical witch forest)
  • Character customization
  • Play tricks on the hunter
  • Streaming integration and Viewer interaction
  • Machinima friendly replay editor
  • Much more props


The Team behind

We’re a group of 4 people from Germany with almost a decade of experience in making games. This year we started our own game studio. We enjoy different kinds of games and of course mods like Prop Hunt, which is why we decided to make this hide & seek game with its own twist.
Now we are working hard on our dream and are grateful for having enough room to give free rein to our creativity and passion.

We appreciate creative and constructive feedback.


If you and your friends enjoy prop hunt like games, we would be happy if you share this page with your steam friends.

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13 listopada 2016 o 16:24
Experienced Prop Hunt players, we need Your Help!
6 stycznia o 14:35
hi i have a problem
TheSilverGuardian | WILDCASE.COM
5 listopada 2016 o 4:29
not bad
K'aj Q'ura
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You never know 8 czerwca o 16:29 
Деревянный 20 grudnia 2016 o 9:37 
когда вернут раздачу альфы на сайте?
Barrel Roll Games  [autor] 6 grudnia 2016 o 11:04 
@[ROG]Louis Company: we will launch early access arround febuary, there are now plans for a chinese translation yet, but probably over the course of the early access
★=L0uiS=★ 5 grudnia 2016 o 1:54 
When will this awesome game in market?
By the way may you guys also make chinese traditional?
Barrel Roll Games  [autor] 29 listopada 2016 o 10:37 
@МиниНиндзя: We are probably dooing a russian translation.
МиниНиндзя 25 listopada 2016 o 23:41 
Please make Russian !!! It is a good game!
🅰 🅶🅸🆃🆂 👻 17 listopada 2016 o 2:15 
Geilomat :)
Bossas 7 listopada 2016 o 7:25 
This looked pretty cool!
FEZ 7 listopada 2016 o 6:39 
云菜 7 listopada 2016 o 6:17