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Splash Blast Panic
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17 października 2015 o 7:09
14 lutego o 12:53

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***SPLASH BLAST PANIC is still in development ! Most of what you see is far from being finalised, may it be aesthetics, game feel or sound design ! We will update as much as we can to show progress on the game ! HOWEVER, this also means we will NOT put the game on sale as soon as the greenlight goal is hit, nor does it mean we're gonna put it on early access for a quick buck. We want to make sure the game is polished, fun and near completion before we even put it out for the public in any way, shape or form. Thank you for your understanding :)***

SPLASH BLAST PANIC is a multiplayer competitive party game where you must shoot, ram, dodge and overall bully your opponents outside the screen with a variety of watergun-based weaponry.

Inspired by old arcade titles as well as newer competitive party games, ruin all your friendships in a variety of stage which may or may not have various level of gimmicks that could backhand you if you're not careful, or tell that person you always despised your true feelings with waterbomb launchers, bubble prisons, watergun sentries, reflective shields and more !


  • Up to 4 player multiplayer, in various forms of free for all or team-based matches, with a lot of control over match options for your personal liking!
  • A bunch of different levels, each presenting their own little challenges to overcome while still trying to get your opponents outside the ring. With the addition of a big selection of offensive and defensive items so you can baffle your adversary at the last second and then bother them about it for the rest of the evening.
  • Arcade mode singleplayer, for more stages and characters unlocks as well as other little secrets. And also to master your skills in your free time so you can become "that guy".
  • Colourful hand-drawn graphics mixed with an old arcadey feel, accessible for both newcoming players and with little intricacies for more advanced and skilled gamers.


  1. Is this a local multiplayer only game or is there online ?
    Yes, we plan to have online multiplayer as well as local, at least for regular free-for-all versus for now.

  2. Do you have an estimated release date ?
    Right now we do not have a fixed date for release or a demo. Our wish is to be able to release the game in Q2 2016

  3. How far are you in development ?
    The game is very much still in alpha. With a lot of features missing, unfinished assets or incomplete game feel. But we do have a playable build that's running fine and development is going very fast !

  4. There's already a lot of local multiplayer party games ! What makes yours different ?
    Admittedly, we are inspired ourselves by a lot of other games ! We mostly want to make something that feels incredibly good to play and is both fun for newcomers and advanced players, with great art, great sound and a lot of options for everyone.

    In more details: our game is a hybrid of genres, with inspirations from Towerfall, Smash Brothers, Lethal League, Jet Set Radio and a lot of old Sega arcade games. We aim to have a good balance between skill-based play and unexpected craziness, with a lot of variety so that there's always something new to try, and for anyone to be able to join

  5. Do you plan to release on consoles ?
    Yes ! Our game is made on Unity so it would be very easy for us to port it on a lot of different devices, and we think that it would be a missed opportunity to ignore other platforms. However that still means that we're optimising for PC first, and right now that is our main platform.

  6. What about Mac and Linux ?
    We also plan to release on those !

  7. Any early access ?
    We are still debating about early access as it has its pros and cons. If we do, we want to make sure that the game is in a shape that we find acceptable so that the experience is optimal, with as many features as possible, so it would probably be pretty close to release if it happens

  8. What are the planned languages for release ?
    At least English, with the addition of French, German and Italian if we can

  9. How many are you ? And where are you guys based ?
    We are just 4 developers (one artist, one programmer, one sound designer and one musician) ! And we're all based in Switzerland (the french speaking part)! This project is very much a pet project as we all have our separate jobs, so we're far from being a big production or even a small company. We do this because we love what we do, and because we thought it could be fun while we work on other projects and games.

  10. How can I follow you around and ask more stuff outside of greenlight ?
    You can follow us at these following places:
    WEBSITE: http://playsbp.ch
    FACEBOOK: facebook.com/playSBP
    TWITTER: @playSBP
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Komentarzy: 35
GerardBaste 26 stycznia o 4:44 
Interesting ! Voted Yes !
YiDing 23 stycznia 2016 o 23:39 
interesting, voted yes!
Visit my workshop. please
Arondon 2 stycznia 2016 o 11:19 
LunaTheName CSOFFER.ME 2 stycznia 2016 o 7:19 
Looks Like The Game I Can Give To My Friends And Play With All Day Great Game!
halissoni 27 grudnia 2015 o 6:36 
Totei yes!
RedVonix 26 października 2015 o 0:42 
Looks like just the kind of game to get some friends together with some beers and spend an evening playing!
Crimson Games 25 października 2015 o 7:11 
I simply love this :D
Azimoth 23 października 2015 o 2:30 
This looks so cool, I love local coop games.
stuarttempleton 22 października 2015 o 23:17 
Looks fun.
LeDarkAngel 22 października 2015 o 12:40 
i had the chance to try the game at PolyLAN it's just AMAZING ! i swear you want this game.... it's a really fun game to play with friends :-Dv