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2012年8月30日 18時52分
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Successfully Greenlit!
Greenlight Page Updated, New Video Coming Soon, Upcoming Giveaways
リリース日: 2016
Sandbox Mode*
  • Fully modifiable world, everything can be edited!
  • Sandbox building system - easily create custom levels using existing assets, or new ones
  • Create anything!
  • Share your creations easily through the Steam Workshop™
  • Procedural level generation.
  • Create your own stories, with full support for custom voiced dialogue and cutscenes
  • Create easily and rapidly with an in-game editor, or use our custom toolkit with Unity™
  • Dramatically change the mood of a scene using a simple color adjustment tool
  • Create levels using 3D assets from games you own on Steam
  • Create custom multiplayer games, from basic co-op puzzle-solving, to fast-paced FPS action, to passive narrative-driven exploration.  The sky's the limit.

  • Cooperative exploration at its finest!
  • Create your own custom levels, gamemodes, stories, and worlds--with FRIENDS!*
    • 10-16 players maximum per server

Story Mode:
  • Explore to create
    • Anything you find can be cloned, created, modified, or adapted to aid exploration and survival
      • Think Scribblenauts, but sensible
      • Take any property of any object, from weight, to friction, to bounciness, to light, and apply it to other objects to create unique, bizarre combinations that allow you to create and progress in various unique ways.
    • Solve puzzles, explore, and discover a story created by an award-winning designer
      • Or play on Sandbox mode, and simply explore the world, soak up the story, or do whatever you want
  • Dark humour coupled with biting social commentary
  • Gameplay and narrative intertwine seamlessly
    • You don’t watch your character do things in cutscenes, you do them yourself, and directly feel the consequences of your actions
    • You don't watch the story happen, you are part of it
  • Original Soundtrack

Stuff We Might Add

  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Advanced Mod Support
  • Realistic Infinite Procedural Terrain

*Subject to Kickstarter success
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2014年8月14日 4時30分
похожа ли она на portal
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guy fieri 2015年2月13日 20時05分 
Yes, good one mate.
josh 2015年2月10日 23時39分 
Nice job on getting it greenlit xSythe! :)
Petter Prank 2015年1月9日 4時29分 
this game is still alive? Upvote.
IKEA 2014年12月5日 7時17分 
I'd like to play this one... looks interesting and it kind of has a portal feel about it....
Dessu Topi 2014年11月10日 7時03分 
Make a gameplay trailer!
Злая Сучечка 2014年11月8日 5時00分 
LoS | A2 2014年10月15日 15時13分 
I want this so bad D:
Eternity Studios 2014年9月28日 5時31分 
Cortex Reader Studios 2014年9月28日 3時51分 
it is a good game
Katnip 2014年9月13日 1時34分