Protonic Morons [Saxxy Awards 2016]

このムービーは気に入りましたか? (カテゴリー: Extended)

"When the gang gets a phone call from Heavy about a horrible polterguise in Mann Manor... Medic, Demo, Soldier, and Pyro roll out to go and save the day! But can you really trust these Protonic Morons?
Saxxy 2016 Protonic Morons Team & Credits:
Mark Unread: Captain, Prop Maker, Script Writer, Pyro Voice Actor.
Kinia24Lara: Clip builder
Piallah: Co-director, storyliner
CluelessPo: Animator
EyeCandryMovies: Lead Animator
Winglet: Animator
Kostamoinen: Background Animator, tweaking, details
Fanic: Lights, rendering helper, polishing
FreakyJax: Poster Maker, Lights
ZeUberMedic: Promotional Poster Maker, Trailer/Script, Editing
AGoJyt: Promotional Poster Maker, Trailer
Omicron: Mapper
Velikhi Maikeru: Modeler
Maxxy: Modeler
Spunky: Medic's Voiceactor
Dr. Hoctor: Voiceactor Demoman/Soldier
Benno950: Prop Maker
TheForbiddenFruit: Modeler, Drew Logo
2P: Musics and Soundtracks.
GuardianStriker Engineer voiceactor
Special thanks to:
Napy Da Wise

Mark Unread The Saxxy Awards Guy: Phone

Scene 2: Office stuff

Our private ambulance

Team Doortress 2


Modified “Ze Goggles”

Public Workshop Items:

Furniture For Home And Office


Hi-Poly Weapons

Editable Computer Screens

IBM PCjr computer unit

TF2 Styled Vintage Mobile Phone

The map for Scene 2

1st scene

Mobile Computing Pack

Hi-Poly Pyro

Terminal Chair - Enhanced

SFM Beta Files

End of the line props

Napy medigun:"
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LastOblivion 1月1日 17時56分 
very nice
Charlie 2017年5月30日 11時01分 
yes this is great you need to get a saxxy
[NSE] BrickBagel 2017年5月24日 4時55分 
plus 1 thumbs up
neilmetallic03 2017年4月23日 10時51分 
this is pretty cool keep it up
Automaton 2017年1月14日 9時11分 
Oh my god I'm laughing my ass off.... xD Motion was a bit blurry, but everything was fantastic, otherwise! 10/10
Oscar  [作成者] 2016年11月16日 13時08分 
Guys please tell your friends about it!
GuyGallant 2016年11月16日 12時46分 
Very nice!
kirby gamez 2016年11月16日 11時25分 
This is really cool! It's weird, because I watched the old Ghostbusters last night and the second one today. Definitely getting a vote from me!
Recursion 2016年11月16日 8時28分 
Love it!!
Arthur Lopes 2016年11月16日 4時23分 
rip medic's car