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Redd'n'Tank Vehicles
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Mod Type: Tracked, Weapon
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9月4日 12時39分
11月4日 14時07分
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Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

First of all, it is not perfect, but we are getting better ;)
Second, our vehicles are never meant to be played with AI, we are focusing on coop content. This means, some functions may not work with AI

Redd'n'Tank Vehicles 1.0.14

Redd'n'Tank official website:

Discuss AW-Forum (german):

Discuss BI-Forum (english):

Steam Workshop:



pls report issues here

Support us:


Addon Pack Contains:
- Redd Vehicles Main (Required for all other addons)
- Marder 1A5 (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo)
- Static Milan

Marder 1A5
- Cargo seats of Marder only accessible if rear ramp is open
- Changing backseats only available if rear ramp is open (because of function above)
- Rear ramp can only be opened and closed by driver or rear FFV-seat
- Turned out Marder Commander can assemble Milan on turret
- FFV, rear-back-seat, left-back-seat, right-back-seat
- Commander has two stances when turned out
- Marder has Static Milan in its cargo
Static Milan
- Static Milan can be assembled and disassembled

Known issues:
- Some missing details in Marder interior
- Localization only english and german, all other languages display english names
- Unable to refuel Marder with ACE 3
- Static Milan is not accessible via Zeus

Version 1.0.14
- Added new Redd'n'Tank logo
- Added Marder Drivewheel animation
- Fixed issue where choosing 2nd company shows the letter 1
- Tweaked Marder Geo LOD, GeoPhysX LOD...again, tell me if it still flips
Version 1.0.10
- Added simple thermal texture to Marder 1A5
- Changed order for all optics to, "Normal" -> "NVG" -> "TI"
- Changed materials for glass
- Tweaked Geo LOD, GeoPhysX LOD and FireGeo LOD a bit
- Tweaked PhysX.hpp now it should drive much more smoother and flips less
Version 1.0.5
- Fixed issue where crew can get killed by small arms from outside of the vehicles, now it is possible to shoot or throw grenades through the rearramp
- Fixed missing modelpart
- Fixed missing track animation
Version 1.0.2
- Added strings for Marder 1A5 Eden attributes in stringtable.xml
- Fixed some commander animation issues

Licensed Under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

- Thanks to T4nk for joining me
- Thanks to Tactical Training Team for testing and support
- Thanks to KV-13 Schubert for all background informations
- Thanks to BW-Mod and commy2, Redd_smokeLauncher.sqf based on BW-Mod script by commy2
- Thanks to my wife and my daughter for giving me the time to do all this stuff :*
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KGB61393 11月20日 6時42分 
Nice mode but some improvements to make:
- unable to refuel with ACE module
- unable to change tracks with ACE module
- no RHS compatibility, everybody today play with RHS mods. After that need to look for the RPG/BMPs damage compatilities
- add a Night Vision for rear driver's camera if the IRL fitted that feature
- add a keybind to override the gunner wich permits to turn the gun face to an ennemy
- add smoke for vehicle commander
MadBrainFox 11月18日 10時40分 
Still having the same problem,
In editor i can only fit in 3/6 passengers.
[533] Patrick 11月18日 8時20分 
yeah, but it should better be

ace_refuel_fuelCapacity = 650;

for the marder's tank cannot take more
[NDF] Faital 11月16日 8時37分 
@Redd There is still an issue with the countermeasures. If the commander set up the milan, your gunner won't be able to use the "cm" anymore. Would be great if you could check on this issue.
Michael 11月7日 1時58分 
Der Marder si ja mal so über normal nic emein herz hat ein spung gemacht wie seit langen nicht mehr macht weiter so
[NDF] MoaB 11月6日 7時47分 
I noticed that the "Addons" folder inside the mod switched to being spelled with a capital A. On linux servers that leads to the server not starting properly. Would you consider keeping the folder all lower case?
MadBrainFox 10月16日 11時54分 
Nice mod but I have encounterd an issue, you can only put in 3 not 6 Soldiers into the Marder if in Eden Editor, after 3 it says the Vehicle is full.
When ingame the boarding of the vehicle works without any trouble, but in Eden Editor it wont work you can only put 6 in total into it (3 Crew members and 3 Infantry) the other 3 free spaced arent being occupied.
Otherwise this mod is fantastic, I really like the 3D interior and the option to stand up and look through the periscope as the Commander.
zbx 10月9日 16時57分 
Is there anychance to see Marder2 in this pack?
[Ger] Sui 10月5日 6時59分 
1992 war es, glaube ich, als ich bei der BW auf diesem Gerät in Fürstenau meinen Führerschein gemacht habe. Dann bin ich aber FlaRakPz Roland gefahren. Das wäre ein Traum wenn Du da noch ein Roland Raketensystem drauf baust. Bist Du sicher was den Maßstab betrifft? Er kommt mir irgendwie ein bissel grösser vor in Wirklichkeit. sehr beeindruckende Arbeit. Danke dafür.
sancron 10月5日 3時23分 
Wenn du dein Fahrzeug für das ACE Betanken kompatibel machen möchtest, musst du eigentlich nur was ganz einfaches machen:

ace_refuel_fuelCapacity = 3000;

Dann sollte dein Fahrzeug auch was die ACE3 Betankung angeht, kompatibel sein.