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Rhythm Doctor
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Genre: Music
Platforms: PC, Mac
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18 mar, ore 13:56
28 mar, ore 7:05
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Greenlit! It's a kind of literature for green people i think
Data di rilascio: Q3 2017
Online Browser Demo
Try our browser demo at to see if this game is for you!

Rhythm Doctor is the hardest one-button rhythm game you will ever play.

The core idea is simple: slam your spacebar on the 7th beat. But every level has a twist on that concept. In the trailer above, a virus is messing up your connection, leading to glitchstep music, and you have to keep the count to 7 in your head. Further twists include having you master things like polyrhythms, offbeats, hemiolas, irregular time signatures.. and if those don't mean much to you, don't worry - its designed to make you learn music and rhythm theory without even realising it.

  • 20+ handmade levels, each with their own story.
  • Face-off against a resilient virus in epic glitchstep boss battles.
  • A large cast of doctors and patients feature in an overarching storyline.
  • Play solo campaign or grab a friend for drop-in drop-out local multiplayer!
  • Blind mode, where the game can be played completely via audio cues only.
  • Large amount of challenge levels, New Game+ modes, and modifiers, for the brave.
  • Full visual and audio calibration settings.
  • Millisecond-precise rhythm engine, tested and tweaked over hundreds of hours. (Rhythm games with bad sync are the worst!!)

Aiming for release in Q3 2017.

Awards and Quotes


"Even if you've checked it out before, please try this new build. It's deliciously difficult, and that's really what keeps me coming back."

Indie Haven[]
"A genuine masterclass in rhythm game design."

"a rad Rhythm Paradise-esque browser game (...) sadistically difficult."
"The base mechanic and premise of Rhythm Doctor are gold for me. (...) Rhythm is in everything, and I'm glad the developers found it in medicine."

Reddit thread
"You've really nailed that quirky Japanese game sort of personality, that often really quirky and surreal sense of humor with a gentle sort of grounding to it. It has a resonance to it that most games don't." - Clumpy


Thanks for reading. Follow our development logs over on Twitter, chat in the /r/rhythmdr subreddit (set up by a fan - thanks LaserV5!) and vote for us if you want this game to come to Steam!
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Killy 7 ore fa 
Typori 8 ore fa 
Beatljuice 15 mag, ore 1:52 
未知红 3 mag, ore 17:59 
a nice game or a nice doctor
天灵唱魂曲 1 mag, ore 5:02 
真的很有趣 像素动态的处理方式和音乐都很棒
That One Guy 29 apr, ore 18:20 
"Please be on a Mac Please be on a Mac Please be on a Mac Please be on a Mac"
瞄准 29 apr, ore 3:08 
Intersting game with nice music
Dreadliest 28 apr, ore 8:34 
It really brings me joy to see something so Original in Rhythm gaming.
Gabe Logan Newell 26 apr, ore 7:39