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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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6 mar, ore 9:52
16 mar, ore 10:52
In the year 22XX, omnipotent mega-corporations initiated terraforming of Mars. The colony expeditiously degenerated into malevolence. As the habzones were ravaged by overcrowding, poverty and criminality, cyber gangs formed, jacking into crypto-systems for credits and infamy. Their talents became widely sought for security, racketeering and espionage. lead one such jacking crew...

_____ ___

sys.jack() is a procedurally generated landscape where you must form and manage a gang of crypto-jackers. Aside from management, the main gameplay involves stealth based infiltration missions, as well as mini-games (such as hacking, sniping, driving, interrogation). The missions you choose and their success impacts the technologies developed by the mega-corporations, leading to alternate tech availabilities, the unravelling of multiple unfolding story arcs, and gang turf rivalings.

_____ ___

Note the game is still very early in development. Just thought I'd take a punt on this soon decaying Greenlight carcass. :]
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27 commenti
NEON 19 mar, ore 3:56 
HOLY CRAP TAKE MY MONEY! this game looks great!
pʅɹoʍ oɹɹɐzᴉq 17 mar, ore 20:02 
caiysware  [autore] 17 mar, ore 0:47 
Thanks chaps. :]
FAABA 17 mar, ore 0:27 
Racookitty2 [PieNinjaPR] 12 mar, ore 18:20 
Looks sweet, man.
marymelonhat 10 mar, ore 4:49 
want this one
catmelonhat 10 mar, ore 4:47 
gimme one this
Bubblegum Witch 9 mar, ore 13:30 
I love the style of this. You definitely get my vote.
BrettMan 7 mar, ore 11:44 
Nice. I really hope this gets greenlit in time.
Just to let everybody know, this isn't the first game on steam by caisyware, there are already four released and I recommend checking them out if you are the fence about this one.
Veskaida 7 mar, ore 10:10 
0:01 That is an awful lot of text to throw at your audience, for giving then literally 2 seconds to read it LMAO