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Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion
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12 lug 2016, ore 11:39
4 ott, ore 14:20
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Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion

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Add-on description:

First of all, I want to thank to Anton Struyk for his Ares Mod which expands the Zeus real-time editor with valuable features.
No one would argue that this mod changed completely the way we play Zeus and I can't think of playing without it.
Unfortunately, Ares hasn't been updated for ages.
My intention is to fix and further expand Ares with "Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion".

Required Add-ons:

- CBA_A3
- ACE3 (optional)
- Advanced Rappelling (optional)

- The add-on is a modified standalone version of Ares Mod.
- DO NOT RUN this mod with Ares at the same time. All features from Ares are included anyway.
- ACE3 and Advanced Rappelling are optional, but are requiered to unlock certain additional features.
- Moreover, only Zeus need to have the add-on installed as it was the case for Ares Mod.


- Join us on Discord[]
- Achilles Wiki[]
- Check Achilles Tutorial Series
- Post on BIS forums[]
- Full List of Contributers[]
- Check licence[]
- Full Change Logs[]

Report Issues and make suggestions:

Issues and suggestions can be posted on:
- Issue Tracker[]
- Steam Workshop in Discussions (NOT IN COMMENTS!)
- BIS forums[].

Please mention all the points below if the Author requests a detailed issue report:
1) Topic
2) Version of ArmA
3) *All add-ons that were running client side (give versions in parentheses if it's not the steam version)
4) *All add-ons that were running server side (server key does not count; skip if it was SP).
5) Environment (e.g. client on dedicated server / client on hosted server /server host/ SP)
6) Reproducibility (e.g. always)
7) Report step by step how the issue can be reproduced (can also be a video)
8) °Additonal Notes

*Unload as many add-ons as possible in your test. The usage of an additional addon is only justified if there is an indication of a mod conflict (e.g. the issue only appears when that specific mod is loaded together with Achilles).

°Put a tick for "Show Script Error" in the Arma 3 Launcher parameters section. If you see script errors, describe them in this paragraph.

Here is just an arbitrary example:
1) Throw smoke grenade hotkey does not work for RHS units.
2) 1.70
3) Achilles (steam); CBA (steam); RHS (
4) CBA (steam); RHS (
5) Client on dedicated server
6) only observed when the unit does not have a vanilla smoke grenade
7.1) Set up a dedicated server with TADST running Tanoa Game Master
7.2) Join server and take Game Master slot
7.3) Place US Army Soldier, select him and press C.
8) Error message observed: "No smoke grenade available".
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CreepPork_LV  [autore] 3 ore fa 
@Phenomenal Phenomenon
You cannot add animations without modifying the source code.
CreepPork_LV  [autore] 3 ore fa 
Thank you!
CreepPork_LV  [autore] 3 ore fa 
How to add more animations in the list?
Dark3n 16 nov, ore 12:33 
Extremely important mod, A3 zeus is NOTHING without this... Long live Ares Mod (Achilles Expansion)! Keep it going and working...
Иван Васильевич 16 nov, ore 3:28 
Please add fire effect like smoke in Modules->Create Effect
iamhalloeen 12 nov, ore 12:45 
i'm having issues with paradropping
only one jumps
Downtown35 5 nov, ore 7:25 
Would be nice if you could at more ambiet animations! i really like it if i can place them but i am very limited with em. more would be really usefull cuz i cant do this BI animation scripting anymore