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Crashday Redline Edition
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German, Italian, Russian
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24 giu 2016, ore 13:37
10 ago, ore 9:00

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Data di rilascio: Q3 2017

Crashday puts you in the world of stunts, dents and adrenaline: whether you prefer to smash your vehicle into pieces with breath-taking stunts or race against your enemies in a custom highspeed race track, today there are no rules - it's crash day!

This game is the polished and improved version of the original game for Steam that runs on current-gen PCs.

Do you like to craft your own tracks and share them worldwide?
Unleash your imagination with the integrated editor and build your track with no rules!

Do you like to compete and measure your skills against your friends?
Play against opponents in the game modes 'Hold The Flag' or 'Bomb Run' where gameplay is competitive and challenging. Show your opponents that you are the better player!

Game Modes
  • Stunt Show - Impress the audience with insane stunts, long jumps, and crashes.

  • Racing - Be the first to cross the finish line.

  • Wrecking Match - Hunt down and destroy your opponents by all means by using weapons or ramming into your opponent's vehicle.

  • Hold The Flag - Capture the flag from the track, or steal it from a foe. Blaze through checkpoints upon capturing the flag.

  • Pass The Bomb - Pass the bomb on your car to another player before it blows up.

  • Bomb Run - Speed up or else the bomb will blow up! Survive as long as possible.

  • Test Drive - Freely roam around the track.

Mini games
  • Long Jump - Jump as far as you can.

  • Vehicle Blast - The spectacular version of 'Long Jump'. Attempt to jump farther with the power of explosions!

  • Checkpoint Chase - Pass as many checkpoints as you can in random order before time expires.

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Few questions
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16 apr, ore 3:38
Why Redline Edition
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Finally in STEAM
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<3 .
Strayfal ☆ 10 lug, ore 21:48 
YEEEES. August coming)
0marsil0 4 lug, ore 5:25 
YES! 4 years of no-life'ing this game <3 Pls Crashday with multiplayer! Can i see this on steam?
*NEG* F=ma 3 lug, ore 4:10 
Yes! Waiting for the release
TheCoolMan35 18 giu, ore 20:01 
YES! A game that takes trip down to memory lane! I am very excited for this!
lyndonfps 15 giu, ore 21:01 
Террористка ❤ 9 giu, ore 4:31