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Mammoth Gravity Battles
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
2015. aug. 12., 15:26
2016. aug. 9., 14:52
Megjelenési idő: Q3 2015
Mammoth Gravity Battles, a turn-based game about gravity, strategy, skill and space-faring prehistoric elephants.

Woolly mammoths, piloting flying saucers taking turns to aim shots in a fully three dimensional gravitational field made up of stars, planets, asteroids and wormholes. It should be immediately obvious that Mammoth Gravity Battles is not your usual take on turn based strategy/artillery. Mammoth Gravity Battles is unique in accurately simulating the physics of a 3D gravity field. This is NASA rocket scientist complex, something you will never have experienced before. A robust gradual single player campaign gradually introduces the games elements and teaches the secrets of gravity, known previously only to Stephen Hawkings. By the time you are finished the complex estimations are instinctive and you are ready to destroy friends in multiplayer battles. If it's all too much there is an easier flat mode where all the objects are confined to a flat plane, which makes for faster, fun games.

• 3D or 2D gameplay, both with beautiful 3d visuals
• Single player campaign
• Procedurally generated space battlefields - never the same game twice
• Multiple weapons - from standard cannon to mini-gun and rocket-pod
• Destructible planets that fragment and stars that supernova
• Multiplayer battles - up to four players

Mammoth gravity battles will be released on PC/Mac/Linux in 2015
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2015. aug. 13., 0:53
Mammoth Gravity Battles
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N|R|Force-[BAZ]- 2015. aug. 21., 0:45 
OopsBoogaloo  [készítő] 2015. aug. 20., 15:24 
Thanks for your great comments, its really encouraging to get this support. I am working on a few improvements to the control system which I am looking forwards to showing off. I really need help getting the word out - please shout it out on twitter, Facebook and forums..
Rasshuoo 2015. aug. 20., 8:14 
Brintlo 2015. aug. 20., 8:12 
Voted yes
ALMAZ 2015. aug. 19., 22:54 
Красивая игрушка
[BRA71L] andi 2015. aug. 19., 22:01 
Loooove how it looks. I hope it's as fun as I'm imagining it! Good luck!
tbone 2015. aug. 19., 21:43 
Voted yes
루케테 2015. aug. 19., 21:10 
◢Eddi◤ 2015. aug. 19., 21:07 
can't wait to try this
CornOnTheCob 2015. aug. 16., 18:45 
LOL this game.... just lol.