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[DPS] East Coast Mainline - North East

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[DPS] East Coast Mainline - North East

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This route requires the ownership of both the original East Coast Main Line and Great Eastern Main Line (GEML) to run.

As a modernisation of the original East Coast Main Line route, this version also now includes additional extensions to Heaton Depot, and the line from Darlington to Middlesbrough as well as a complete overhaul of the original line. This workshop version of the route is now finalised and will no longer be updated.

An updated version of the route on the DPSimulation website now includes many bespoke custom objects, additional scenery improvements and further extensions. It also now has a fully updated Quick Drive system containing over 60 custom blueprints. This updated version can be downloaded from

IMPORTANT: Troubleshooting:

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TheLeftyBird aug. 24., 11:44 
I pirated my own work once
Jack_skeldon_42 aug. 24., 9:43 
Ok just had to be sure mate
DPSimulation  [készítő] aug. 24., 8:23 
Of course it isn't a pirate copy, I created the route. Unless I pirated my own work.
TheLeftyBird aug. 24., 7:17 
It is legal, DPSimulation, is the creator of the route
Jack_skeldon_42 aug. 24., 6:52 
Like is it pirate copy or liscanced copy
DPSimulation  [készítő] aug. 24., 4:40 
What do you mean legal?
Jack_skeldon_42 aug. 24., 3:21 
Thanks dps simulations for getting back and quick question is it a legal route just ceriuos
DPSimulation  [készítő] aug. 24., 2:38 
The route is free. There are two versions, this workshop one or a more advanced one available from my website. Both need the two main requirements listed in the description above.
Jack_skeldon_42 aug. 24., 1:21 
How much is this route and do I get it from dps simulations
Razordraac jún. 25., 12:04 
This is an excellent route! I recommend people get the Trainworks upgrade for the GEML route - this changes the track to a much more realistic 3D variety (

A question for DPSimulation (about the non-workshop version of the route): do you plan on adding the Selby line to this route?