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HCC - High Command Converter
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HCC - High Command Converter


Version :
Author : Igitur

Link :

Videos :

1. Advanced Waypoints synchronization (v1.3.0).
2. Static weapons, tanks and artillery (v1.3.1).
3. Leading a Platoon (v1.4.1).

More info on usage in this post (and below) :


My other mods :


This addon enables a leader player to convert any unit(s) of his squad into a controllable HC group. Conversely, any HC group under player's command can join the leader's group.
The game's default High Command system has been heavily modified to allow thoughtful plans and coordinated execution via the addition of numerous commands and menus to the original interface.

You can turn every Coop into a SP playable HC mission by using the embedded 'Add Vacant Groups of Side' command (menu 6-7).

Large groups formations and waypoints synchronization can also be used to handle movement at squad, platoon or company level and to plan ahead troops embarkment / disembarkment.

Hit LCtrl+Space to access the High Command interface. Make sure that your 'Open Menu' command is bound to some key and hit the number keys (1 ... 0) to display the HC menus.



Group status menu :

9. Create HC Group - creates a new HC group made up of selected squad units.
0. Execute HC plans - gives an option to launch execution of all HC plans from the regular group mode (not HC).

HC group root menu :

* effective doWatch command (Left Alt by default).
* active suppression system (doWatch + suppress).
* Regroup / RTF => 1. Regroup Subgroups - 2. Return to Formation

HC menu move :

4. Join group and wait - Selected HC groups join the player's group and stay where they are.
5. Join group and regroup - Selected HC groups join the player's group and regroup.
6. Wait - Stops the selected HC group(s) while setting up plans.
7. Execute - Selected units proceed to their next waypoints.
8. Define Array As => Squad/Platoon/Company/Not Defined => Positional /Directional : Selected groups will follow the most ranked element of the array (formation).
9. Stop Following - Frees selected groups from following their leader.
0. Follow Me - Gives the player direct leadership over any selected group, whatever its rank.

HC menu engage :

3. Suppression = > parameters : duration + dispersion.
4. Combat mode => Red/Green/White/Yellow/Red.
5~6 . Engage/Disengage target -Unavailable.
7~8. Enable/DisableAI AutoCombat : enables/disables autonomous switching to COMBAT when in danger.
9~10. Engagement behaviour : enable Attack true/false.

HC menu speed :

4. Copy - copy player's speed (walk/run).
5. Slow vehicles : forces vehicle's slowest possible speed so that unloaded cargo troops can follow.
6. Fly in height : forces an helicopter's next waypoint flying height.
7. Move in depth : unavailable.
8. Allow GetIn true : allows unloaded cargo troops to get in their assigned vehicle when moving toward a distant waypoint.
9. Allow GetIn false : prevents unloaded cargo troops from mounting their assigned vehicle when moving toward a distant waypoint.

HC menu transport :

1~3. Land/Sea/Air = > empty/crewed => returns a list of empty/crewed vehicles in a 200 m radius sphere. => assign/embark as crew/cargo.
4~5. Embark as crew / Embark as Cargo : enabled when HC cursor is on a vehicle.
6~7. GetIn assigned / GetOut assigned : assigned crew/cargo will get in/out.
8~9. Cargo load / Cargo Unload : cargo troops will get in/out but the driver/crew stay in vehicle.
0. Unassign current.

HC menu action :

1. Vehicles => 1~2. Engine ON/OFF - 3~5 : Helicopter land (in/out/off) + cancel landing.
2. Weapons = > 1~2. Unpack/Pack static weapon - 2~4. Fire/Repeat Artillery. // Works for dismantled Arma3 vanilla mortars, HMGs, GMGs, AA and AT launchers, RHS static weapons, canons and tanks.
3. Subgroups Mode = > 1~2. Positional/Directional. = > 3~4. New Positional /New Directional.
4. Subgroups Formation = > 1. Line 2. Column 3. Wedge 4. Circle = > Interval : 20 - 200 m.
5. Chain of Command = > 1~2. Enable/Disable CoC for subgroups.
7. Add Vacant Groups of Side :
. In SP, adds every vacant playable unit's group to the player's HC bar.
. In MP, adds every vacant playable unit's group to the HC bar of the most ranked player of a side.
8. Add Curator Groups of Side : adds all groups that belong to a Curator player to his HC bar.
9. Remove Group from HC bar.
0. Display : gives access to all available display Modes.

HC menu combat :

6~10. Stand/Crouch/Prone/Auto/Copy : groups stance management.

HC menu team :

1~5. Assign Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Main.
6~11. Display Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Main. - The player's group is always team Main.
Display All => All groups/All leaders.

HC menu reply :

5~6. Sentences On/Off : allows sentences or mutes all groups.
7~8. 3D Icons On/Off : Shows or hides the 3D icons.
9. Rename group : change the selected group's ID via gui.

(standard features) :

0. Right click on a group icon to select/deselect the group.
1. LCtrl + Action MseBtn lets you place several successive waypoints for several groups at one time.
2. Right click on a waypoint to edit its parameters.
3. Place a "Cycle" waypoint close to another waypoint to create a loop (patrols).
4. Place a "GetIn" waypoint close to an empty vehicle to make a group board the vehicle.
5. An "Unload" WP will disembark cargo troops (e.g mechanized infantry). A "GetOut" WP will disembark the whole crew.
6. A "Load" WP will embark assigned cargo troops. A "GetIn" WP makes a crew re-embark their vehicle.

(HCC features) :

1. Synchronization :

1. Deselect all groups.
2. Hit and release Action MseBtn on a WP, drag the sync line to another WP, hit and release Action on the second WP.
3. To un-synchronize a WP, just synchronize it with itself.

2. Embark/Disembark :

1. Select an infantry group (G1). Stop it (1-6). Place 2 WPs. WP1-1 MUST be a "move" type WP (default type). Set WP1-2's type : "Get in" (right click to edit). Deselect the group.
2. Select a crewed vehicle (G2) with cargo capacity. Stop it. Set WP2-1's type : "Load".
3. Synchronize WP1-2 with WP2-1.
4. Select G1 + G2. LCtrl+ActionBtn : place 2 new WPs for the two groups at once. WP1-3 = "Get Out". W2-2 = "Unload". WP1-4 = "Move". WP2-3 = "Move".
5. Deselect all groups and synchronize WP1-3 with WP2-2.
6. Select G1 + G2 and execute (1-7).

Note that you can synchronize your own waypoints to trigger other groups movement, provided you follow your own plan.

Mission or mod makers : To turn groups into HC controllable units with this addon, just put the following line in the proper trigger, waypoint, script or group leader's init field. :
player hcSetGroup [groupname, "", "teammain"];
Options are : "teamred", "teamgreen", "teamblue", "teamyellow", "teammain". The player's group is always the main team.
More info in this post : https://for
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82 Kommentare
Molyneaux41 3. Okt. um 13:26 Uhr 
spot on buddy XD
Blakmane 2. Okt. um 15:42 Uhr 
Great to hear, thanks Igitur!
Igitur  [Autor] 1. Okt. um 10:02 Uhr 
Hotfix released. No new feature but the mod should work again as intended.
AchillesFromGreece 30. Sep. um 11:37 Uhr 
Hey man how long till it's fixed?
Igitur  [Autor] 20. Sep. um 10:50 Uhr 
Sorry guys I didn't check the mod for months. It looks like it got broken with the latest game update. I'm on vacation atm but i'll take a look when i'm back home. It might take a few weeks. Thank you for your patience.
mysales89 18. Sep. um 16:09 Uhr 
Hello. I have the same problem described by Molyneaux41 on 9 Sep. The menu is unresponsive. Is there any solutions available? This mod will enhance the game for me tremendously if I can get it to work.
Blakmane 13. Sep. um 15:18 Uhr 
Mod functionality appears to be broken after the latest patch (LoW update). Any chance of an update? The 'move to high command' function is super useful and we've struggled to find similar functionality in a different mod.
Reaper 9. Sep. um 8:25 Uhr 
Have been trying to get this mod to work, is there a wiki for setting it up in a mission?
Molyneaux41 9. Sep. um 3:43 Uhr 
Same for me. The menu is unresponsive. Only happened a couple of days ago
The_RealStarlord 8. Sep. um 14:56 Uhr 
Does not work for me. The menu is there but does nothing.